It is the third Arc of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. It start from Volume 2 Chapter 10 to Volume 3 Chapter 4.

Summary Edit

Weed met Mapan for the first time. When Mapan first saw him, he really believed that Weed is not like other ordinary users. After buying a lot of loot from Weed, Mapan gain a lot of merchant point and decide to team up and travel with Weed. But before leaving Baran Village, he lost most of his hope when he saw Weed not just know how to cook, but Weed also knew a lot of anything else such as repair, tailor and so on. Losing his hope, he thought that Weed just a naive person who train in everything but excel in nothing. But he doesn't cancel his plan to travel with Weed.

Later when he knew Weed's profession as a sculptor, he knew that their combination as a merchant and a sculptor was the worst combination to travel across Barogue Mountain, which is full of dangerous monster. They become friend, started to trust each other and their relationship began.

Weed's potential far surpassed Mapan's expectation. Even when they were attacked by a huge number of werewolves, Weed took care of them easily.

Achievement Edit

  • Acquired new skill: Medical Botany, Lion's Roar
  • Passed 'Beginner's Training Hall' trial
  • Discovery and the first to explore 'he Tomb of the Instrument-loving Dwarf'

Quest Completed Edit

Item Obtained Edit

Include equipment, tools and worth-mentioned material.

Title Earned Edit

Trivia Edit

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