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Sword of Agatha

One of a few items rewarded to Weed for returning the Helain’s Grail [1] and Crown of Fargo [2].

"So, the rewards for the return of relics do not change. You just earn some money." [Weed][3]

Item Information Edit

Agatha’s Holy Sword
Durability: 130/130Damage: 55~60
A sword of the Church of Freya made by the Dwarven Blacksmith Roban, which boasts superior strength. Many types of metal, like steel and mithril, were forged together. However, the damage is weak because of the materials used to preserve the dignity of the church.

This is a gift from the High Priest.


Level 130


Strength +30
Agility +20
Faith +100
200% damage against undead.
Injury recovery speed increased by 200%.
Holy Blessing can be used to bless yourself five times a day.
2 hours cool down in between each blessing.

Trivia Edit

  • Weed sold this in the auction site, inviting commotion between the users. Contrary to Weed's expectation, the price only exceeded a little over 230,000 won (US$ 230).[2]
  • The users thought Weed is a Paladin of Freya's Church.[2]

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