A 50 year old master swordsman known throughout Korea and the head of the best and largest sword Dojang of South Korea, with 5000 official trainees. He is improving the trainees and his own actual combat skills through Royal Road. He has honed his sword skills to a new unique level [1].

Profile and DataEdit

His personalityEdit

  • Dying by refusing food from training instructor

He is very prideful and extremely stubborn, as shown when he refuses the help from the NPC or other gamers in the Training Hall. This results in him and the 4 senior instructors dying of hunger during their first game session[5].


Previous to Royal Road, he won the "World Swords Fighting Championship" for four consecutive years, before retiring, to further hone his own skill. Although, his writing skills are at the level of kindergarten [6] (he never went to school, except for kindergarten); his raised his sword skills to an amazing level. He decided that Lee Hyun would be his successor. This decision was based on "Weed" intense sword practice and his astonishing mental strength. This decision was taken without Weed even knowing[7]. Through Weed, he discovered that "Royal Road" enables strong improvement in sword practice. Therefore, he took the second circle trainees inside Royal Road to hone their skills[8].

Now, Ahn has to face swordmasters and monsters, to better improve his sword mastery in the real world. He also meets the berserker Seoyoon[9], and is left aghast once he sees she is stronger than him and the other practitioners. While experiencing his own social and cultural limitation, he found love[10].

Stats and SkillsEdit


  • Ash's Sword cloning skill learned after visiting his island with Weed through Yurin's teleportation[11].
  • Radiant sword skill learned with all of the Geomichi's through Weed's Zahab's sword sculpture[12].
  • Texture sword skill learned after killing 10,000 monster by cutting through their gradian like a sculptor [13].
  • Sword That Can Cut Through Anything is the skill he created during his Martial Artist Master Quest [14].
  • Single Point Attack arts He explained to Weed how to focus every attack to one single point "smaller than a grain of rice" [15].


  • Surprisingly, his weapon of choice isn't actually the sword but steel pipes and poles he used in his youth[16].
  • His girlfriend is a shaman[17].
  • Originally Ahn Hyundo was going to train in Royal Road by himself, but the (first circle) decided to follow him[18].


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