One of the Seal of Arpenian Empire. A unique item. A symbol of the ruler of the continent of the long past.

Background Edit

Weed obtained this item after completing the quest

Info Edit

Before Repair

Unknown Emperor’s Royal Seal
Durability 3/20
A precious royal seal that has weathered the history of the Versailles Continent.
It was made by a sculptor whose limit of skill is hard to estimate.
It is damaged and not in perfect condition.
Artistic Value: 39,600
Options: Dignity +60. Charisma +25.
50% resistance to all magic harmful to the owner’s body.

After Repair:

The Ahreupen Empire appreciated buildings from the Classical Era. As a sculptor and the owner of this province, you can now construct Classical Era buildings. Buildings from the Classical Era were known to be very solemn and elegant, as well as big enough to accommodate large populations. The construction costs are very high but they give an effect of increasing fertility.

The Ahreupen Empire gathered information on blacksmithing skills to make weapons and armors. The Ahreupen Empire was in a ceaseless war of conquest.They had to fight humans for territory and hunt large monsters. Despite their low skill levels, the Ahreupen Empire used padded leather to make heavy weight, high defense armors. You can now make clothing and armor from the Imperial Knights and Guard.

You have acquired the sewing skills of Ahreupen Empire clothing.Clothing such as the wizard robes, royal clothing, the imperial chef, the palace maid, and a variety of other clothing.

There are still things unknown to the Sculptural Memories skill because the Seal of the Emperor could not be read completely. There are still parts of the sculpture that is damaged that require restoration.

Ref Edit

Vol 17 Ch 10

Vol 18 Ch 1

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