It is a unique item. One of a few items obtained by Weed in the Valley of Death after defeating the Bone Dragon of Embinyu Evil Cult.[Vol10Ch5]

Item Information

                        Ancient Shield
Durability 300/300.                 Defense 86.
Old shield crafted with a delicate touch. Never before been used.Made of Mithril and
unknown animal bones.Originally possessing a shiny mirror-like surface that captured
light, grime now covers it after many years. Due to deep corrosion after being stored
for too long, it is beyond any further repair.

Cannot be used by priest.

Level 400.

Must be able to utilize shields.

- 40% Physical Defense.
- 35% Magic Resistance.
- 30 Agility.
- +45 Fighting Spirit.
- All combat related stats rise by 7.
- Increases additional effect of skills by 20%.
- Chance to confuse the enemy.
- Control over undead enhanced by 25.
-When durability is reduced, cannot be repaired.


  • An exceptional unique class item.
  • In the dungeon in Las Phalanx, Weed took out Ancient Skill the last second before he died, and he was reincarnated as a Dragon Bone, instead of normal high level skeleton.

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