Shield (2)

Ancient Shield


A unique item from the Niflheim Empire. One of a few items found by Weed at the Sendeim Valley (The dreadful "Valley of Death") after successfully defeating the Bone Dragon that Embinyu Priests summoned[1].


  • Forged by the best Dwarven blacksmith of ancient time, using mithril and bones of an unknown animal[2].
  • The original beautiful patterns carved became unrecognizable due to the effect of time.
  • The lacklustre shield is impossible to repair.
  • Still an exceptional unique class item.

Item Information

Ancient Shield (고대의 방패)[3]
Durability: 300/300Defense: 86
An old shield created with the delicate Dwarf touch.
It has never been used before.
Made of Mithril and bones of an unknown animal.
Originally the surface is smooth like a mirror, but now it’s has been cluttered heavily by the traces of time.
Because of the overly long-term storage, it’s seriously corroded and no-longer repairable.

Prohibited for Cleric.
Level 400.
Must have the capability to use the shield.


+40% Physical Defense.
+35% Magic Resistance.
-30 Agility.
+45 Fighting Spirit.
All combat related stats rise by 7.
The Effect of all battle related skills increased by 20%.
Chance to inflict confusion on the enemy
Control over undead enhanced by 25.
When the durability is reduced, it cannot be repaired.


  • Thanks to Weed's Intermediate Blacksmith skill, he can utilize it before he reaches level 400.
  • He equipped Ancient Shield on his left hand and Sword of Cold Loteu on the other[4].
  • "Lightning Spear" attack by Caltrops was blocked by the Ancient Shield. Weed and Yellowy were enveloped by the shield’s soft aura and the attack flowed off into another direction[5].
  • Low Durability but High Defense Option
    • Weed rarely equipped this shield as its durability dropped each time he uses it[6] [7] [8] [9].
    • It can't be repaired but this unique shield boasted tremendous defence. He didn’t use it during dungeon hunts but during important battles, he'll take out this shield.
    • During the battle against Northern Alliance its durability dropped by 25, remain with only 261. He felt unbearable anger that the item price would fall[10]. He plans to sell this shield at a high price later.
    • He had used it too much and there was only 31 durability stat left (before he entered Melbourne Mine). He knew shouldn’t use it unless he was really desperate or there was an important mission to be completed[11].
    • It was left with only 16 durability stat when he used it during the battle with Hermes Guild[12]. He used it to block a huge amount of arrows and magic that were poured towards him.