It is one of the favorite combat class in Royal Road[1]. The class appears early on within the novel with the character of Pale[2].


It is very powerful class in outdoor combat. Archers can also be very efficient, and of great tactical use, in small to large scale war. Archers can develop into a second tier class, Sniper, this increase their destructive power, it can penetrate armor and shields[3].

Class advancementEdit

More to come [4]

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Master

List of skillEdit

Raising core archery skill gives access to many secondary skills.

  • Multiple shots skill. First mention in LMS[5]

More to come [6]

List of appearanceEdit

  • The archer who appears the most often in LMS is : Pale
  • Other named archers are : Maylon
  • Other archer occurrences : more to come

War archery skill in real lifeEdit

Illustration source of real archery combat skill

Combat Archery Skill05:52

Combat Archery Skill


  • Elf have various bonus while using archery skill[7].

References Edit

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