In the past, it has been taken by the Archmage Seulroeo from the Imperial Palace armory during the Embinyu attack of Mordred, the Niflheim's Imperial Capital. Unexpectedly, it dispelled the brainwashing magic of the Embinyu Church

Item Information Edit

This is the stat of the item when Archmage Seulroeo identified it.[1]

Durability: 96/180 Damage: 218-249
The material used to create this weapon does not exist in the Versailles Continent. It is speculated that it had been used by the Asmodians.

Imbued. Can summon lightning and thunder storm.


No level limit.
Applicable to all professions.
When used in battle, it will exhibit curse magic attributes.
No fixed properties.
If an Evil God worshipper were to possess this weapon, then this weapon’s properties will change.


Can summon a monster from the Underworld by offering a sacrifice.
By offering a sacrifice, stats will increase.
Increases the power of dark magic by 200%.
Specializes in curse magic! Will be able to use all curse magic.
User will be immune to all curse magic.
Can be use to rule over lesser monsters.

 Background Edit

The Asmodian Sword was the second sword stolen from the Nifelheim Imperial Palace. We don't know much about it, except that it caused a great disaster in the befall on the Versailles Continent in the past.

Clouds and thunderbolts are drawn from it.

It has been taken by the Archmage Seulroeo from the Imperial Palace during the Embinyu attack at the Niflheim's Imperial Capital, Mordred.

When Seulroeo put his hand on the sword, the brainwashing magic of the Embinyu Church was dispelled and the Archmage run away with it and with Red Star.[2]

Having high skill, he became a pirate captain, but while he was crossing the Black Sea in direction of Jigolath, he threw the sword into the ocean.

The trace of the sword is lost at that point.

 Trivia Edit

  • Seulroeo also took the Red Star without a scabbard and use the Scabbard of the Asmodian sword instead. [3]

References Edit

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