Dragon of Chaos

Legendary dragon of Chaos


The black dragon Ausollet earned the title of "Dragon of Chaos". This legendary beast has the power to revert the entire Versailles Continent to the Dark ages[1]. In the warring age,Embinyu Church tried to mind control it [2].

Ausollet's appearance and personalityEdit

Ausollet[3] has:

  • a 350 meters long body, covered with polished black scales.
  • a streamlined muscular body and tail that make it a very beautiful danger.
  • foreboding big eyes, sharp teeth and a dignified beard that connect the right and left sides.

Unlike other dragons that maintained harmony and balance, Ausollet was born only with feelings of hatred and insanity. Even the other dragons didn’t associate with Ausollet [4].

A legendary and deadly black dragonEdit

In ancient time, Ausollet wrecked chaos. It burned the peaceful elven forests and repeatedly invaded the human world. In the end, there was a direct battle with the clergy and the high elves borrowed the power of the gods and other dragons to seal it.

During those dreadful events, Ausolet earned the title of Chaos Dragon.[5] He is considered by some as the strongest creature on the Versailles Continent and was awakened during the warring age [6].


This ancient and legendary black dragon has[7]:

  • large and swift tail, powerful bite and claws
  • flying capability
  • regenerating power similar to a troll
  • extremely poisonous and deadly fire breath with a wide range
  • extraordinary affinity with mana, which permits instant magic
  • powerful and strong magic skill
  • ability to cast spell Eons of Erosion

When Weed checked it status, [8], we found out that regarding his magical abilities

  • Ausollet's Mana is absorbed from nature,
  • His ability to rearrange and dismantle mana is natural

Regarding his defensive abitities

  • His magic resistance is up to 98% (derivated from his affinity with mana).
  • His dragon’s flesh reduce all physical damage by 97%.


  • Complete resistance to magic curses.
  • Elemental summons will fail to attack the dragon.

Storyline and backgroundEdit

The Embinyu's first church, under the leadership of the High priest Heuler, tried to brainwash and mind control the sleeping legendary dragon. Ausollet awakened after being hit by the falling sky tower (he lost 1/3 of his health in the process). When he awoke, his identity and his memories were not available due to the mind control magic. He was also not capable to defend itself at full power: wide area magic, devastating breath and flying were unavailable. [9].

It is the first true ancient black dragon to physically appear in RR and the final boss monster of the Nodulle & Hilderun quest in the warring age [10]. After having been heavily wounded by Embinyu, he was finally betrayed by Weed after being tricked into forming a temporary alliance[11] and died to the same technique that Weed used on the undead Bone Dragon[12].


  • Despite suffering of temporary memory loss due to schizophrenia caused by the attempted brainwash, the dragon's instincts remained and was able to use tail and limbs to hit and trample enemies.
  • It's innate ability to use mana allowed him to boost his trollish recovery power and to cause magic discharges torwards the enemy with the slightest movements.
  • Because of the memory loss, its fighting spirit, develloped over the course of millenia, wasn't active and the combat prowess suffered as consequence.
  • The beast would become aware of his identity the moment he heard the word "Dragon".v38c9
  • Summon Meteor, a area of effect spell, davastating and inevitable, is one of the assets Ausollet possesses, similar to the scroll Weed gainned in Roderick's labyrinth and used in battle against Embinyu.

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