Avian from above

Avian fighting from above


Manhwa vision of Avians


This NPC class, was first discovred by the original Hermes team. But it was with the help of Weed's Golden bird, that it was finaly opened to RR users [1].


True Origin of the bird tribesEdit

  • The true origin of the species is Geihar Von Arpen love for sculpting and his special skill : Sculptural Life bestowal who gave life to golden bird, the hidden father and ruler of the bird tribes[2].
  • The true history of Lavia, the legendary Flying Island is unknown, but it was once mysteriously linked to Bar Khan[3].
  • The floating island was first based over the kingdom of Rosenheim [4].
  • The first gamers to discover it were the Hermes founding members, including Da'in [5].

Lavia, true home of the avians Edit

  • Lavia is the hometown of every bird tribe
  • Bird tribes have a natural homing instinct, but some would only come back to Lavias once or twice a year[6].
  • The bird tribes do NOT submit to humans [7].
  • The birds clan's true ruler is Geihar von Arpen's living sculpture golden bird[8].

Relocation of the legendary flying IslandEdit

  • The legendary flying island was moved over to Arpen Kingdom, after Golden Bird decided on his own to visit his kingdom and called the bird tribes together and move Lavia over to Arpen [9].
  • Therefore, all ressources within Lavia (intermediate class training hall and various dungeons) are now considered as a part of the Arpen kingdom [10].

Special Citizens of the Arpen kingdomEdit

  • After Lavia moved over to Arpen Kingdom, the avian race was made an available choice to players [11].
  • But avians clan members became so popular that there is a waiting period of at least a month [12].
  • As the result, bird clans spread over the northern continent"[13].

Asset of Arpen's military forceEdit

  • As citizen of Arpen, they took part in the first[14] and second[15] war against the Haven Empire to defend the Arpen kingdom.
  • During the second invasion, they founded a special "Sky porridge Unit" [16], with over 10.000 members which fought to defend the Arpen kingdom and save the other players at the Earth Palace battle [17]. This is a truly a unique asset for the Arpen army.

Avians related combat tactics Edit

  • direct attack from the air

this is especially useful for disorganizing ennemies tactics or even disrupting special units (archery or magics users)

  • throwing things or even people from the air [18], which again is useful to disorganize or disrupt ennemies movements. It also contribute to inflict major damage to high level users (level 300-450).
  • support other users by lifting users in the air, to move them from or into a combat zone [19], or even to save them [20].
  • combination of of the previous tactics to achieve specifics tactic results

Avian special Leadership systemEdit

The avians have the distinctive habit of collectively taking action, especially during warfare [21]. This was seen during the Earth palace battle.

  • With a leader or a strategist, avians increase their collective combat capabilities by 2~3 times [22].
  • Avian leadership include the right to snatch food first or even, to a certain extend, to bully others [23].

Bird tribes contribution to Arpen's victories Edit

  1. First Haven Empire invasion was repelled

More to come [24]

  1. Second Haven Empire invasion was broken

More to come [25]

Birdmen's race attributes Edit

There is no proof yet of a specific link between appearance, class and avian subspecies. But we can assume that attributes of avian are linked to their subspecies. 

Common basic attributesEdit

If not specified otherwise, every avian has those basic attributes[26].

  • A sharp beak and a pair of hard claws

Both are very useful in combat, especially through an airbone attack. It can disrupt magic casting and even inflict strong damage (related to speed).

  • A pair of Feathers and the skill to fly

Once they have learned the skill, every avian can fly, even over long distance [27].

  • Some avian even have an innate homing instinct and will come back to Lavias once or twice a year [28].

Disappearance of the memory lock Edit

  • First, all avian had a dysfunctional short term memory [29]
  • Then, at the same time, they all remembered Golden Bird [30].
  • Now, it is still unknown how this issue evolved. But the issue may have been related to the lock. therefore it should have been solved once Lavia was relocated and the species was open to user. Proof of that for example is the military efficiency of the bird's tribe.

Other special attributes Edit

Birth through hatching Edit

  • When a user started off as an avian, they can choose from a variety of eggs [31].
  • To some extent, users can select the avian species in advance. There are the eggs of sparrows, ducks and even thunderbirds.
  • Several users can be born at the same time and become friends or brothers.
  • First they have to learn how to catch their prey with their mother. There are also snakes and other dangers before leaving the nest.
  • When they become able to flap their wings, and learned how to fly, they can leave the nest.

Mutation through breakthrough Edit

Once they reach a certain level, through the quest system, avian can:

  • Increase their physical attributes like speed of flight and weight

And even,

  • Make a breakthrough [32]
  • Evolve into another birdmen subspecies(instead of another subclass)


  • “Every time a body is shed, new equipment is needed so it will cost a lot of money. Those with a hobby of keeping their equipment shouldn’t become an avian.”

Special quest systemEdit

  • The avians have to perform seasonal quests for their species. These quests are quite tricky but, through those quest, it is also possible to increase the weight, enhance certain parts of the body or even breed [33].

Avian tribes attributesEdit

A birdman's way of livingEdit

  • Birdmen have a collective way of living. Each Avian is part of a tribe.
  • We can assume that the tribes are partly linked to subspecies. But we haven't seen a full tribe description yet.

Importance of Lavia for all tribesEdit

Lavias is the hometown of the avians. Therefore, now that the unlocked mode is open, it is starting to evolve.

Also, part of their equipment can only found in Lavia, therefore avians have to fly back to Lavia to purchase special food or goods. For example:

  • Private restaurants and inns. Some restaurants even have the reputation to prepare delicious grilled earthworm steaks with butter, which only them can enjoy.

Also, avians have their quest system and training centers on Lavia.

Appareance & EquipementEdit

Aside from belonging to a tribe, there is also a lot to learn by observing a avian individual appearance, because they generally pay a great deal of attention to their appearance and the overall atmosphere of a birdman or woman can change just by wearing a new crown or necklace. Avians who likes a cute or strong appearance are conscious of what equipment they chose.

For example:

  • Avian can wear a variety of clothing, in addition to combat gear.
  • They use accessories for beaks and claws. Those accessories can also have magical or special attributes.
  • Some are also wearing shoes while others like sparrows enjoyed walking on the land and feeling the soil and twigs.

Various avian subspeciesEdit

There are various avian's subspecies. Tribes obviously are linked to this special sub system. Here are the one which have already appeared in LMS:

  1. Crane-looking Avian

Subspecies for user [34]

  1. Duck-looking Avian

Open for starting user [35] Their competitive advantage, compared to others, it the ability to give birth with an higher rate. Therefore, most users that selected the duck species dreamed of laying young.

  1. Eagle-looking Avian

Class of outstanding warrior, can have many followers [36]

  1. Hummingbird-looking Avian

Subspecies for user [37]. This subspecies was made famous through Weed sculpting quest. Their body is small but they still can have a positive impact on combat (through their speed).

  1. Parrot-looking Avian

Class: Merchant, a grocer from a grocery store. [38]

Avian Trainer

Beginner Class Trainer Hall Instructor

  1. Sparrow-looking Avian

Open for starting user [39]

  1. Rooster-looking Avian

Class: Warrior, an Instructor to a "Beginners Class Training" Hall. [40]

  1. Thunderbird-looking Avian

Rare subspecies open for starting user [41]

Famous Avian NPC Edit

Golden Bird Edit

The living sculpture revealed itself as the father [42] and ruler[43] of the avian folk, which means that not only a sculptor can give life to sculpture, but also, theoretically, that a new created species can even become a player class.

Silver Bird Edit

This special bird was sculpten by the first Sculpting Emperor, and was revived by Weed, after a bargaining with Golden Bird [44]. More to come.


Class: Herbalist [45]He was saved by Weed and taught him basic herbalist skill. [46]

Special avian ItemsEdit

  • Feathers of Lightness - Consumable item which slows fall speed upon use. Used by Weed in large quantities to quickly descend from Lavia.[47]. It is a very useful item for beginners who need to learn how to fly.
  • Avian eggs - Avian's children. Also a high quality cooking ingredient which restores 500 health and mana[48] and can help raise cooking skill.  
  • More to come
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