He is a sculptural lifeform and a barbarian created by Geihar Von Arpen and revived by Weed. Among the 47 sculptural lifeforms, as a combat type, he is the strongest[1].

Profile and dataEdit

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Barbarian
  • Level: 562 [2]
  • Status: Game World, Alive
  • Creator : Geihar von Arpen
  • Owner/Master: Weed (after he revived him)
  • Status: Deceased, resurrected by Weed through Sculptural Life Bestowal
  • First appearance: [3](was mentioned before)

Stats and skillsEdit

  • Two handed attacks[4] and dual swordsmanship. His favorite weapons: an axe and a mace. [5]
  • Battle cry

Health of all allies during the battle will increase by 2.5 times. Protection skills for allies will be enhanced by 3 times. The enemy’s determination has been cut in half. Damage will increase by 39%. Fear emanating monsters will be ignored.

  • Crushing Wind[6]
  • Stone body [7], which is able to resist to a lvl430 fireball
  • Turbulent Split [8]
  • Warrior dash[9], a classic combat skill for breaking through

More to come


  • Killed easily Chuge , a Hermes knight captain and 18 guards, by himself, in front of the gold mine at Formos Castle in the Tullen kingdom [10]. As a warm up, before starting hunting Hermes and Beden parties within the dungeon.  
  • He was originally created by Geihar Von Arpen and was his most powerful warrior.
  • Weed solved the quest about finding the location his dead body. After having found it, he restored it and gave him life again. After that, he actively build intimacy with him. He was helped by golden bird .


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