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One of the armor worn by Seoyoon. [1]

‘Unlike the Faith Talrock's Armor that needlessly raises faith, charm and fame, this superior armor increases strength and stamina. Although fame and morality decrease and notoriety increases, that’s irrelevant.’ [Weed]

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Mad Warrior’s Half Plate
Durability: 58/190Defense: 167
The magical armor of the executioner of war once known as Bain.

Armor of unknown origins. Material is also unknown.

High Wizards inscribed protection magic into it.

Lightweight and agile, the optimal armor for combat.

The longer it is worn to fight, the more strength and stamina it gives to the owner.

However, after the battle, sudden loss in physical strength will occur.

Wearing it for a long time causes tears to flow naturally, thus it also has the nickname, Sad Warrior’s Half Plate.


Level 420
Strength 950
Berserker only


+75 Strength
+98 Agility
Magic Defense +59
Inhibits elemental magic damage.
During long lasting combat, Berserker characteristics double.
Maximum strength increases by 45%, stamina increases by 45%. Increased strength and stamina are maintained until the battle ends and more than 10 minutes of rest.
Fame -1500
Morality -30
Notoriety +690
Monsters are overwhelmed by fear.
Whenever you hunt a monster, a certain amount of mana is restored.
At night, you will occasionally shed tears in solitude.

When you cry, health and strength increase by 10%.

References Edit

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