It is a unique item. One of a few item dropped by Lich Shire.

Originally non magic related profession is unable to wield this tome, but it is possible for the user who also wield the Saint Taranhan's Staff at the same time.

Other than the properties it provide for the wielder, it also contains offensive black magic and Necromancer magic..

Item Information Edit

          Necromancer Tome directly written by Bar Khan[1]
Durability 30/30
The second written tome dealing with the difficult discipline of black magic that
manufactures undead. All undead recipes ranging from basic level to advanced level
are listed.Written directly by the genius wizard Bar-Kahn, it is not difficult to

Dealing with the creation of undead requires a huge mana supplyso use it with

Wizard-related profession.

Level 300. Wisdom 500. Mana 8000

Allow the wielder to advance to necromancer profession.

Resistance to black magic +25.

Ability to manufacture undead +2.

With high intelligence, you will be able to create Undead Boss-level monsters.

Vitality of the undead will improve and immunity to divine power will be built up.

Spell written the the Tome Edit

There is various magic written by Bar Kahn. It includes attack magic and necromancer magic.

Bone Dragon manufacturing magic Edit

Easy undead recipes directly written by Bar Khan.

Bone Dragon: The ultimate undead all wizards want to see and create. Dead body of a Dragon is required and many magical reagents must be committed. In contrast to zombie or ghoul like monsters that instantly appear, one hundred time-consuming days are required to generate it. Magic defence and intellectual ability are significantly dropped compared to a normal Dragon, but the bodily ability to take advantage of is the health increase. However, the weaknesses of the Bone include....

Basic Necromancer magic Edit

Tier 1 and tier 2 is easy to use, but tier 3 upwards require higher level of necromancy masteries.

Tier 1(Step 1) Edit
  • Effect: Creating hundreds of corpse.
  • Mana Cost: 4000
Tier 2(Step 2) Edit
  • Spell Name: Undead Rise
  • Effect : Summoning middle tier undead.(Depend on the necromancy masteries, and bonus stat from equipment)
  • Requirement: Corpse
  • Chanting: "May you live and come back to this land. Come back to this place, a dark and corrupt land. Do not disappear. In the law of darkness engraved to you Undead Rise!"
  • Mana Cost: Corresponding to the amount of undead summoned.
  • Type of undead summon: Middle tier undead such as Dullahan,

Including bonus stat from Necromancer Tome 'Can make undead bosses with intelligence', there is chance to summon boss-class undead such as Boss Dullahan and Boss Skeleton Mage.

Tier 3(Step 3) Edit
  • Effect: Summoning Higher tier undead
  • Chanting: “Rise again. I will save you from the tortures at the bottom of the hell. I will give you power, enough to rule the world. Summon Death Knight!”
  • Requirement:
    • High level corpse, around level 300s
    • The necromancer must be a high tier undead OR the Level of Undead Summoning Masteries need to be higher
    • These requirement can be ignore if the necromancer use the power of Copper Plate of Eternal Rest
  • Type of Undead Summon:
    • Death Knight
    • Spectre
    • Wight
    • Banshee
Tier 4(Step 4) Edit
  • Spell Name: Animate Dead
  • Effect: Resurrect a corpse.
  • Chanting: “Soul of the warrior that fell to the depths of hell, come and take advantage of this flesh. Animate Dead!”

Ability to summon soul of a warrior, and fuse the soul with a corpse. The undead will retain its original ability. The skill cap for undead is removed. Excellent in fighting, and emit fear aura.

Trivia Edit

  • In Valley of Death Arc, Weed exploit the tome to understand about the dragon bone weakness. Eventually, Weed succeeded to kill the Bone Dragon even though their level different is too big.
  • During the fight with bone dragon in Valley of Death, he spent 24,000 mana to summon the undead from the corpse. It is mentioned in Vol10 Ch2.
  • Tier 4 mentioned in Vol19 Ch9,10 and it is first time used in Vol20 Chh 5.
  • In volume 19 Chapter 10, when Weed use Mirror of Eternal Rest, it enable Weed to use Tier 5 Necromancer magic. But for he don't use it.


Note : Edit

-Some Translator use Step 1, Step 2 ....., but some translator use Tier 1, Tier 2.....

Source: Volume 7 Chapter 4, Volume 10 Chapter 1.(*There is some error in translated Vol10, refer to translated Vol7 for more consistent translation) Edit


  1. Volume 10 Chapter 1

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