A Legendary Boss in Royal Road and the third Main Antagonist after Embinyu Church and the Hermes Guild.

Ruler of the Immortal Legion Edit

A master necromancer who turned himself into a Lich, in order to achieve immortality; and the most powerful Lich of the Versailles Continent

"Even weakened, Bar Khan can still draw the power of over 5000 Doom Knights over level 300. Doom Scouts, Doom Servants, Doom Wizards ![1]"

Fighting skill & style Edit

Class: Necromancer

Special attribute : Lich; Arch-Lich

Special skills: Death Aura[2], Dark Rule etc.

Items: Bar Khan's Necromancer Tome

Compared to Lich Shire style. v6

Weaknesses Edit

Lugh's sword. (Once he turned in an Arch-Lich, he needs to be killed at least 7 times, before he can truly be defeated; with the Sword stuck on his body)

His Life Vessel, guarded by 3 Bones Dragon .

NPC Story Edit

A master necromancer and a genius, who fell to the hand of darkness and madness, while searching for immortality. The circumstances are still very mysterious. We only know that his student, Shire was involved in the process.

Now, from the perspective of the hidden Necromancer society, "What the world knows of Balkan is wrong. You see, Balkan had been researching the way to achieve immortality, he was a true wizard. Yet..... "his research was utilized in the wrong direction to create an immortal, undead army", which could quickly come back to life, when they fell on the battle field !

So, in the end, the genius necromancer Balkan fell to the forces of darkness and lost his mind"." After loosing his mind, Bar Khan attempted to create a land of death on the Continent"[3], but he was stopped by the alliance of the church of Lugh. 

From their perspective, the fall of Bar Khan, was the fault of Balkan’s subordinate Shire, (who) used wicked tactics and the forces of darkness" to influence his master et pervert his research[4].

It is also suspected that Shire, or even Bar Khan himself are strong link to the Church of destruction. Proof of this interaction is the bone dragons that the Church of destruction is using in the North. One was destroyed by Weed, the other one, later on, was destroyed by the Hermes guild, although the circumstances are still unclear.

His legacyEdit

His legacy, as a master Necromancer, is not acknowledged by other powers on the continent, except by the Church of destruction. But it's still a major contribution to magic who defines the necromancer sub-class. The quintessence of this legacy is kept in his Necromancer tome, owned by Weed.

Bar Khan main appareances Edit

Bar Khan2

Bar Khan in the manhwa, first appearance

The mysterious figure of the master necromancer appears in several major circumstances :

  • It was first summoned by Weed through the copper plate of eternal rest .
  • Himself, called Weed for a quest, confusing him with Lich Sire.
  • Later on, he was slain in body and spirit in the Vargo fortress. First, his life vessel was destroyed by Weed, before Geomchi121 could destroy his body.

Defeat and dropsEdit

First defeat by Weed

Second defeat by Hermes[5](Part 4).

Battle Achievements!

You have successfully subdued Bar Khan Demoph and led a massive historic war to victory.

The fame of every user that had joined the battle will increase by 12,790 points.

All stats will increase by 6.

Your relationship with the religious orders that had joined the battle will become friendly. You have earned a large number of contribution points.

The Blessing of Battali, the God of War will be in effect for a week


-You have obtained two sheets of white elephant skin.

-You have obtained a colorful deerskin.

-You have obtained a sparkling pebble.

-You have obtained 61 silvers.


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