Barbarians  Edit


Barbarian warrior

Literal muscle powerhouses, the barbarian race is one focused on one aspect of life; combat. Barbarians are often depicted in murals and the history books, hunting or struggling against a impossibly strong monster. There are multiple variants of Barbarians separated into different clans. It is rare for any players to come into contact with barbarians because barbarians inhabit the lands with the strongest monsters. The only currently known clan of barbarians found have come from the Land of Despair which is one of the lowest high level lands in Versailles Continent . The barbarian clan 'Tor' are a race of barbarians with connections to ancient giants in myths, they are 6m tall and are full of strength and vitality.[1]

Their God is the God Bardger, guardian of the warrior's tomb. Bardger is almost completely unknown to human[1]

Barbarians who have proven themselves worthy on the battlefield by their bravery are blessed with the opportunity to go to the Altar of Victory when they die.

Known places of livingEdit

The Kana tribe is living on the North Continent near the Vargo, Region & Citadel [2]

Barbarian are also living in the Plain of despair [3]

Next to the River of lamentation. It's still discussed if the trive there are barbarian or just plain regular humans.


After the Fall of Bar Khan, the Lich, the Lord of Morata and especially the Geomchi are developping a closer relationship with the barbarian tribe in the North, especially the Kana tribe [4], by cleaning up all the dungeon in the area [5].  

This race still awaits to be open to players.

Special features and SkillsEdit

The race give birth to great warriors and leaders, with exceptional survival skills.

Iron Wall Body - Skin is as strong as the best steel armor, barbarians do not wear restrictive armor and are limited to the amount illustrated in the picture above. They possess elevated regenerative capabilities and are resistant to all types of magic.

Rock Echo - An overwhelming sound that feels like it goes on for an eternity, enemies who are significantly weaker than the caster will result in having their soul slip away (death).

Earth Shaking - A destructive punch, or rumpus stomping of the feet that results in the rapid shaking of the surrounding ground. Buildings will collapse and enemies will fall down becoming stunned, confused, or immobilized. High cost of vitality and strength when being used, advised to be used carefully and only in short periods of time.

Deep Breath - Barbarians have large lungs and hearts that beat wildly. It would take an entire week for a barbarian to tire out from constant battle.

Recovery of Joy - When barbarians are screaming in pain and suffering, their God Bardger, gives them a blessing of restored health, vitality and removal of abnormal states. Increased resistance to various attributes will change depending on the strength and vitality. Can be used only once a month.

Barbarian LeadersEdit

Barbarian lord

Barbarian Lord fighting

Tribe leader are Boss-Class Barbarian. 

Other featuresEdit

Attacks from Barbarians have 25% more effectiveness than those from Humans

Key to become an EmperorEdit

"Dwarf, Elf, Humans, Barbarians, Orcs...  to gain the approval from several tribes of the northern continent. You must have citizens of more than Five different ethnic groups before the founding of an Empire.” Quote ([6] the secret of founding an Empire)

Way of life Edit

Not much is known so far, but here a few pic. 

  • Barbarian from the North
  • Go to Barbarian from the South
  • Barbarian tribe leader
  • Barbarian Class
  • Young female Barbarian

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