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  • List of skill
    • Driving Wagon: a Transportation Skill that allows merchants to drive wagons[6]. The amount of weight carried will increase with proficiency[7].
    • Accounting: a merchant skill[8].



  • Merchant Wagon


  • Deuk Soo is the rich, famous and successful chairman of the Hosung group, until the Group went into financial difficulties. The difficulties were settled through added financial support from Banks. But Seoyoon's father lost his chairman position in the process [9].
  • Hosung Group’s difficulties were on the news for a while, while thousands of workers lost their jobs.
  • Seoyoon is Deuk Soo's only daughter and he is a very caring father. After the traumatic events she went through, he did everything he could to cure her [10]. He even accepted to follow Cha Eunhee unorthodox advices, letting his daughter play Royal Road, or attend University.
  • At the same time, he carefully kept monitoring her, through appointed bodyguards and background check of people interacting with his daughter[11].
  • He doesn't like to have Lee Hyung around his daughter due to his lack of social status and problematic background. However, as the young man was the only one that provided desirable progress on his daughter's condition, he let their closeness be.
  • Jeong Deuk Soo's perception of Weed is rather accurate [12]; and he even tried to offer a Billion Won to Lee Hyun, which he declined because he considered Seoyoon as a close friend(although without knowing the real amount)[13].
  • Due to his schedule as a businessman in real life, he doesn't have much time to log into Royal Road.
  • As a gamer, he started in Lasalle Kingdom[14],with the user name Bart who enjoyed the peaceful side of Royal Road, like climbing mountains.
  • At the beginning, Bart has no combat skill whatever, he disliked it, and even run upon the sight of a low level Rabbit[15].
  • During the Embinyu Cult invasion at Serabourg, Bart saw Weed's epic battle against the Embinyu Cult while helping Rosenheim citizens to safety[16].
  • Bart, though not a fan of wars and battles, started to admire Weed's resourcefulness and dedication[17].
  • Later on, he started playing more, after he lost his position at the Hosung group[18].
  • He became a resident of the Arpen Kingdom reaching level 14[19], and even joined the Grass Porridge Cult [20]
  • He became a Merchant in Morata[21]. And he met the famous Priest Irene as she was giving blessings free in the town[22]
  • There, he shortly met online with Weed, while defending the Earth palace against Haven Empire armies [23].
  • The second meeting with Lee Hyung, took place in a park from Seoul to talk [24]. He first denied meeting Weed online, but finally indirectly acknowledged the fact, while showing his passion for the game [25].