Profile and dataEdit

  • Real Name: Jeong Deuk Soo
  • Profession: Chairman of Hosung Group
  • Status : Married
  • Children : 1 daughter named Seoyoon

In Royal Road

  • Gender: Male
  • Gamer name : Bart
  • Class: Merchant
  • Appearance: ???


Chairman of Hosung GroupEdit

  • For a long time, he was the rich, famous and successfull chairman of the Hosung group. * Hosung Group went completely bankrupt and there were a large number of unemployed.
  • Hosung Group’s financial difficulties were on the news for a while.
  • The temporary difficulties were settled quickly with the bank’s financial support. But he lost hiss status as the chairman of his group[2].

Father of SeoyoonEdit

  • Even if he is very busy, he is the very caring father of Seoyoon.

Since she was traumatized at a young age, he is doing everything he can to cure her [3].

  • Being very concerned about his daughter, as shows his ecstatic response, when Cha Eunhee reported about Seoyoon progress.
  • He accept to follows Cha Eunhee unorthodox advices, and let her go to the University or play Royal road, with Lee Hyung.
  • At the same time, he is carefully monitoring her, through appointed bodyguards.
  • He doesn't like Lee Hyun around his daughter due to his undesirable background and social status. However, as Lee Hyun was the only one that managed to provide desirable progress on his daughter's condition, he let their closeness be.

Merchant BartEdit

later one, he became a low level merchant, and started playing on his free time. Since the Hosung group went down, he started playing more. He also involved himself in the


We don't know much about his relationship, beside a few characters.

Seoyoon Edit

  • Seoyoon is Deuk Soo's only daughter and he cares for her much more than anything else.

In Royal Road:

Lee HyunEdit

  • At the begining, Deuk Soo doesn't like Lee Hyun due to his undesirable background and social standing[4]. But since he's the only person that manage to provide a desirable progress for his daughter he let those two to be together for the time being.
  • For his aid, Jeong Deuk Soo offered a Billion Won financial aid to Lee Hyun in which he declined.
  • After a long time, they did met again, on the street and seated together in a park to talk it through [5].
  • His perception of Weed is rather accurate [6].

Cha EunheeEdit

  • He has a close relationship with Dr.Cha Eunhee/Seechwi due to being his daughter's doctor.


We don't know much about his ingame experience. He seems to be playing on his own[7] and not have a large experience or not using multiple sources of online information.

Seoyoon Edit

  • In Game, Seoyoon and Bart haven't met yet. Due to his schedule as a businessman in real life, Bart doesn't have much time to log into Royal Road. Therefore, he is a low level Merchant, with no combat skill whatever, and who - at the beginning - even run upon the sight of a low level Rabbit.

Weed Edit

  • In Game, Bart and Weed did not met either for a long time. Though not a fan of wars and battles, he admired Weed's resourcefulness and dedication while doing his quest.
  • During the Embinyu Cult invasion at Serabourg, he was one of the spectators that watched Weed's battle against the Embinyu Cult while helping Rosenheim citizens to safety[8].
  • Currently, Bart is a resident of the Arpen Kingdom[9], and he also joined the Grass Porridge Cult [10].
  • He shortly met online, while defending the Earth palace against Haven Empire armies [11]. He first denied it, but finally indirectly acknowledged the fact to Weed, while showing his passion for the game [12].


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