Woomba Belkain
Demon giant 4

Demon, giant


According to the history of the continent, this female demon was said to have climbed out of the bottom of hell. v28c3


She has long menacing horns and a long tail, with feathers. v28c3

She is a monster of rather large size and she can use large scale and very destructive earth elemental magic, which makes her very dangerous,even for a high level party  v28c3

Truly a demon boss monster, of level 620+ in a hidden, secret, underground lair.


In a hidden dungeon, "the belkain lair", beneath the level 4 of the Melbourne Mine, beneath the Haineph Mountains. v28c2-3

The lair was a huge cave with many passages connected to it. v28c5


100 years ago it caused terrible damage to the Tullen Kingdom until the High Elves where able to make her retreat. she escaped while wounded to the Haineph Mountains, which is now part of the Black Lion Guild territory.

Combat featuresEdit

Special skillEdit

A long tail and 2 sturdy arms with paws that are capable of killing 5-6 high level users in one round. v28c3

She can also call upon her babies and count on the help of others monsters of the lair, like Hellhounds of level 400+ v28c5

Magic skill Edit

This demon is an expert at Earth magic. She can use:

  • Earth waves which shakes the ground.
  • Multiple Telekinesis, making huge stone floating and rotating around her arms, which she can throw at users at will.
  • Earthquake v28c6


More to come

Other features

On his master quest , Bard Ray received the request to kill her. It's the final part of his chain quest. It's also the first fated direct encounter with Weed, since the CoM game.

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