She works in the Korean show business industry[2] and is Hwaryeong's best friend[3]. The girls have a great synergy, even in Royal road, where Bellot plays a Bard. She met Weed and his friends, for the first time, in the Las Phalanx mission[4].

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Stats and SkillsEdit

As a Bard her role is to support the party with music buff skills. A bard has low attack, low defense and low health but can attack with steel instruments[10].


With her music skill proficiency she can even improve stats, like morale, luck, faith, strength and stamina recovery[11]. As a bard she can also debuff enemies[12].


Sacred song: a skill that improves priest's faith stat and paladin's strength stat[13].




  • Bellot's voice is even better than her ability to play music instruments[17].
  • Bellot's skill combined with Hwaryeong's performance can give a great boost to a party[18].
  • Both in real life and in Royal Road, she is Hwaryeong's best friend[19].
  • She initially thought Weed was a tricky, petty man crazy for money when she met him in the Ghost ship[20].
  • With Bellot's help Weed was able to find the Ellyons and complete the Quest Protector of Ugoth[21].
  • After receiving an offer from the Haven Empire's envoys, she became a lord of the Haven Empire in the occupied northern territories[22]. Her relation with Weed became awkward because of her lordship, but after Weed recovered the territories they restored their relation[23].
  • Her method to release stress was shopping with Hwaryeong[24].
  • In real life she was cast as the main heroine in a drama tv show, to perform as a sweet, innocent, pretty but poor girl[25].
  • Weed used Bellot to get a sailor contract from the three Mad Sharks of Becky Nin to take him to Las Phalanx[26],one of the forbidden zones.

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