Belsos was born in Southern Desert. His father, the King of Brukan Kingdom was slaughtered by their tribe's enemy. He had the blood of the king running inside him, thus he was on constant pursue by assassins throughout his childhood.

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  • Skills
    • Sculpture Skill
      • He's attracted towards precious sculptures that belong to the desert caravan tribe and begins sculpting since he was young gains recognition.
    • Swordsmanship
      • He learns swordsmanship at a young age from mercenaries.


  • Young Belsos[1]
    • As the Kingdom Royal lineage, Assassins constantly pursued him, forced him to seeks refugee within nomad desert tribes caravan.
    • He grew up along the desert caravan tribes, carrying their belonging[2] and seeing precious things. His attention was drawn to these precious things (sculptures and swords).
    • He sculpted small sculptures with his tiny hands and gains recognition.
    • He learns swordsmanship from mercenaries travelled through the desert and the central continent with them.
  • The Curse of King Belsos Upon The Whole Continent
    • King Belsos wrath was the reason for the Crimson Wing Guild’s destruction, and affect the temperature of the Versailles Continent after they failed to solve a level A quest[3].
  • Dragon Quest[4]
    • Dragon Akryong Kaybern, Black dragon himself, commanded Weed to stole an agate crystal from Belsos Tomb and bring it to him within 30 days (the very first quest from A Dragon in the entire Continent).
    • He lends him his personal guard, the Spartoi (11 of them) since he deems humans are weak compared to the Dragons.
  • Sculptor Master, Belsos Sophisticated Work[5]
    • While Weed was observing the sculptures inside King Belsos Tomb, he found many scorpion sculptures. The scorpions in this room were so elaborate that it seemed as if they were alive and crawling. Only then he realized that King Belsos was one of the Master Sculptor. The scorpion sculptures inside this tomb were so sophisticated, he felt that his own sculpture inferior compared to Belsos's work.
    • All his life, Belsos likes Scorpion form the best. His tomb full of Scorpions pattern and sculptures. Weed used identification skill on one of these sculptures and found more information about this Master Sculptor.
  • Tomb Full of Treasures
    • Weed felt tempted to steal the treasures inside the tomb, but luckily his colleagues remind and quickly run to him and grabbed his arm[6].
    • Bellot and Hwaryeong also became greedy when looking at the treasures laid in front of their own eyes.

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