His first living appearance  came when Weed was on his way to the Sendheim valley v9c3.

So far, we haven't seen or heard of any ice dragon on the continent of Versailles, with the remarquable exception of the living sculpture Bingryong, which name means Ice Dragon in Korean. Over time, this first living sculture is slowly growing into a full fledged ice dragon.

Sculpture Edit

Ice Dragon

Personality Edit

Bingryong has a smart-ass & very timid, if not coward-like personality (v9c6), meaning he will only willingly fight against anything that is weaker than him and he is not afraid to run away if he sense if they are stronger than him. Still, he carefully but truly enjoys is position at top of the chain food and is eager to become stronger. Later on, he will probably become a full fledged dragon.

Relationship Edit

The other "Sculpture of Life" servants calls him senior. He enjoys to play that senior/sunbae part, but at the same time, he is not overly protective of his juniors. His primary goal is to avoid nagging from his master.

History Edit

It was created as a sculpture by Weed with the help of Paladins in Morata in his quest to defeat the True Blood Vampire Clan. He was awakened after the downfall of the vampire Lord Tori on the way to Sendheim Valley (v9c3). After the battle with the Bone Dragon in the north, he managed to escape Weed’s clutches with the excuse he would melt elsewhere only to get lost and fall into servitude again when met up with Weed at the River of Wailing. Later on, he was used as a fridge for boss monster meat.

Abilities Edit

The ability of the sculpture will be adjusted to level 382, according to current Art stat 812.However, according to the ability of the exceptional Grand Piece, 10% of level will be added. Level is increased to 420.

Additionally, because it is a monster with wings that can fly, 10% of the level will be decreased as penalty. Due to the special material formed with ice, 15% of the level is added. Instead Stamina and Health will be weakened.

Three attributes will be given to the lifeform. The quality and ability of the attributes will differ according to the shape and level of the sculpture. Attribute of Water (100%), Attribute of Ice (100%), Attribute of Magic (100%) Water submits to none. Possesses very strong Fighting Spirit with high Defence and Magic Defence. It can freeze opponent using the power of coldness. It can use magic with Ice property. It can increase its ability to a maximum of 30% in cold regions.

However, it will weaken under warm weather. Having high intelligence, it can use magic. It can use any type of magic, but additional damage is added when using magic similar to its attribute.

Since it was a sculpture that was once the Wonder of the Northern Region, a special ability is added. Ice Breath! It can be used once a day. It will be the strongest attack. [vol 9 ch3]

Combat features Edit

Considered as a monster, it becomes stronger at night. v9c6 Attacking from the sky, preying on smaller mosnter through stumping or bites attacks v9c3. But avoiding monster capable of inflicting serious damage. 

Combat skills 

Very strong fighting spirit (check stat section), which freeze in fears monster of lower level. 

Roar and Ice breath skill, Stumping due to his size and weight, also bites. It can also freeze opponent using the power of coldness (same as Ice troll). (v9c3) Strong defense 

 Magic skillsEdit

High intelligence, can potentially use any type of magic (v9c3).

Its attributes are water, ice, magic. It will benefit from using magic with Ice property. Additional damage will be added.

It can increase its ability to maximum 30% in cold regions. His body is absorbing the cold.


Vulnerable to fire and heat in general. The hot weather has aimpact on his performance.

Ref Edit

{Vol 9 Ch 3}

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