• Phil1403

    Volume 50 RAW is out

    June 2, 2017 by Phil1403

    Hi everyone,

    Raw of volume 50 of Weed's adventure are OUT.

    You can find a limited version of the raw here

    More to come sooner or later. 

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  • Phil1403

    NEWS - 4 March 2017

    Rainbow turtle is planning to post her translation at Gravity Tales, and therefore will delete her actual website  before June.

    • LMS chapters should be transfered to Gravity Tales
    • Other chapters (that isn’t LMS) will be transferred to her old website, before June, which she will be keeping as a backup
    • Volumes 21,22 and 27 should also be RE-translated.
    • For more news on her others work, you can read the original message here . 

    UPDATE - 18 March 2017

    • A few translations of Rainbow turtle have finaly been uploaded on Wuxiaworld.
    • LMS chapters are still not to be found on Gravity tales ( another translation instead has been uploaded there). 

    UPDATE - 18 May 2017

    • Previous website now closed.
    • Rainbow Turtle's translation of LMS are finally…

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  • Phil1403

    Volume 49 is out - RAW

    March 4, 2017 by Phil1403

    Hi everyone,

    Volume 49 of Weed's adventure are OUT.

    You can find a limited version of the raw here

    It has 25 episodes in the documents and probably 6 chapters. But check the document for yourself and make ur own opinions.

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  • Phil1403

    Volume 48 is OUT

    November 2, 2016 by Phil1403

    It includes 8 chapters.

    1. page 7 - Pick a color palace
    2. page 55 - swaying public opinion
    3. page 99 - vs. Villains Dream 4/ page 163 - capture of seeds
    4. page 193 - demons of gluttony
    5. page 257 - excommunication of Fort Ohdein
    6. page 299 - Fortress Siege of eau
    7. page 333 - sacrifice Seoyun

    Its Google translate so live with it... If you are more information, you can share it here in the SPOIL Section.

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  • Phil1403

    Webtoon - season 2

    August 25, 2016 by Phil1403


    The Manhwa is back. Season 2 is starting. Already 10 chapters out (chapter 53-62 ). Fanlation is done by Game of Scanlation (season 2) and Mangacow (season 1). 

    Also, new images are already being added on the wiki by Marzarret . 

    Enjoy the reading and share with us the difference you otice between the novel and the manhwa in the comment section. 



    First impression :

    • Drawing got better, and story and characters are closer to the novel description. This is especially true for Weed. 
    • Also, chapter 53 is almost like an introduction. It is a good character summary for Weed. In my opinion, the reframing after season 1 was needed. 

     Definitively worth waiting.

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  • Phil1403

    New Chat

    June 7, 2016 by Phil1403

    Hi Everyone,

    Meet the LMS community @Discord:

    We tested the wiki chat, but there was no interest by the community. So, we decided instead to use the Discord app, after we got invited by Rainbow Turtle.

    It is a free app and an interesting tool, where you can meet other readers, listen and share music and also, where you can directly call to the LMS wiki page while chatting about the latest chapter or anything else related to LMS.

    If the result is not satisfying, then please let us know, we will improve the tag.

    Enjoy reading and chatting about LMS

    Meet the LMS community @Discord:

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  • Phil1403

    LMS ending soon ?

    May 22, 2016 by Phil1403

    First, after volume 47 came out, the author said on his blog, he would write at least 3 more volumes, which means you should expect LMS going up to volume 50.

    Source: his blog,  2016, May 29

    There is also a LMS mobile game in preparation. More to come. 

    Source : 2016, March 7

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  • Phil1403

    Happy New Year !!!

    January 5, 2016 by Phil1403

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your visit and/or edit.

    We wish to developp a real editor community, instead of just everyone doing is own stuff, in his own way. I believe it will tremendously help to improve the LMS wiki. 

    Also, please, check the new editor section and the new forum section for editors. Feedback and suggestion for improvment are welcome... 

    Otherwise, for major edit from new editors, just do your edit. Then copy past the link in the new forum section here; I'll give you fedback. ( and relax, it's simple and the learning process is very fast; it's just us sharing with you some simple tricks ).

    And again, happy New Year !!!

    I hope that in 2016 you can take good care of yourself, friends and families... ;-)


    Ps - New position/admin righ…

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  • Phil1403

    A lot has been going on since the start of november, so here a few answers

    It has been a bit chaotic, but volume 26 to 28 have been translated, in a way or another. Some chapters can even be found on our wiki. Anyway, you will be able to find all the latest chapters here.

    Some major change are taking place in the LMS translation community.

    • Rainbow Turtle, from Ark machine translation, took over at volume 28 chapter 1 , with the help of Sunova. She plans to end at volume 46 in one year, which means a new chap every 2 days. We wish her the best in this new project.
    • LMS machine translation did stop his Machine translation at volume 27 chapter 9 (last chapter) after starting here.
    • Endling is also sadly stopping the LMS official translation at volum…

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  • Phil1403

    New forum implemented

    December 13, 2015 by Phil1403

    We want to see the LMS community grow and prosper. ;-)

    So we took out the old forum section and added a new one.

    It's here .

    Hope you can become an early user and will enjoy using it. 

    • News and Announcements board : Breaking news and information!
    • Questions and Answers board  : You can't find something, or have a question about a LMS topic? Ask it here!
    • LMS editors board : Improving the wiki
    • Latest chapter discussion board : This board is for latest chapter conversations!
    • General Discussion board  : This board is for general topic about LMS
    • Fun and Games board This board is for off-topic conversation -- a place to hang out with your LMS Wiki friends.
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  • Phil1403

    News and blog update (nov29)

    November 29, 2015 by Phil1403

    News and blog update (nov29)

    Latest wikia update 

    At the moment, we have around 3000 visitors daily. And a avalanche of new chapters, with 7 new chapters translated this week. A new record !!! Therefore much to do, right now, especially with all the new chapters popping up, to clean all the old stuff up. Or open the new forum section. Still a few more change took place.

    - Started to share wikia links on Disqus and on Magic Turtle's website in the comment section. Please help yourself and do the same when you debate over LMS, quote us. 

    - Main page : Improved and updated the news section. Added a newcomer section. Added the author korean blog page.

    - New idea blogpost. Input  is welcome... ;)

    - New comers are welcome to help, either with the sec…

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  • Phil1403

    News and update (21 Nov)

    November 22, 2015 by Phil1403

    News and update (21 nov)

    Early bird, with 3 news LMS chapters and at least 5 more incoming, we decided to speed up our updates.

    Also, dear reader, don't forget to react through comment/talk section, it feeds the wikia too.

    Phil1403 (talk) 01:09, November 22, 2015 (UTC)

    Basically, i just added the content fo the latest chapters, an use the opportunity to solve smaller issues here and there... 

    • List of the master sculptor is complete (adding the dwarf master Kevellev, vol14)
    • Added a few more NPC (mostly dwarves NPC) and guild players (Black Lion Guild and Hermes Guild)
    • Added a few more Geomchi too... (15 from 505, still a long way to go)
    • Added a new living sculpture , created by Master Geihar himself, which is a rarity and may be a sign of a incomin…

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  • Phil1403

    News and update (Nov19)

    November 19, 2015 by Phil1403


    More content was added:

    - Ahn Hyundo page has been updated. 13/11/2015

    - Geomchi page has been updated. 11/11/2015

    - A new mysterious unnamed sword master has been added. He is a martial artist. 11/11/2015

    - Master Sculptor Daycram page has been added 19/11/15

    Skill description list project is steadily growing. We are at vol11.

    Still a long way to go... And template still need to be done.

    - Nature Sculpting Skill page has been added 19/11/2015

    - Disaster Sculpting Skill page has been added 19/11/2015

    - Translation issue around Geomchi's Names in volume 6 has been solved, thanks to Sunova. 12/11/2015

    You can speak korean and english, you want to help solving the translation issue ?

    Get in touch with the new administrator, Mr Phi…

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  • Phil1403

    Idea for improvment ;-)

    November 10, 2015 by Phil1403


    We are already adding a regular post with wikia latest update. 

    Let us know what you are looking for... 

    In terms of new feature, new content, etc...



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  • Phil1403

    News and update (Nov10)

    November 10, 2015 by Phil1403

    Latest update (nov10)

    - New character added

    Robin and his friends

    Earl Einhand

    - Other character updated : 

    Bard Ray , Dain, Geomchi, Seoyoon , Weed

    - New skill description added:


    aqualight painter skills included (v9)

    new archery skill (v27)

    - Other skill impacting information

    Influence of coldness on skill (v9) 

    Mixing skill : ceramic.

    Real skill description video (2) : archery, tracking an trailing, 

    Latest news

    Content of the latest chap added

    v27c6 et v27c6

    - New Kingdom founded: Arpen Kingdom, named after Geihar von Arpen  

    - New title : Weed is becoming King of Arpen Kingdom (fro 30 golds piece)

    - New skill rise : Painting beginner 9

    - New quest achieved  : Friendship between dwarf and orcs 

    - More is learned about ceramics, which is becoming trendy

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  • Phil1403

    News and updates (nov.3)

    November 4, 2015 by Phil1403

    List of the latest update

    Important update the content directly in the section, mainly

    • Quest, subsection type of quest, master quest, emperor quest</li>
    • Master swordsman , related characters and master skills</li>
    • Skill, added content, move content to that section, list of skill (work in progress)</li>
    • Story arc section, growing steadily (work in progress)
      Comment or talk section

    Can be used to ask question, make suggestion or start to contribute to an existing section.

    Added suggestion

    Added suggestion for future development. Of course, you can make your own.

    You can read the comment there. We need someone to take over the job by starting to collect all the city information windows. It's a windows for the future Emperor Quest. And Morata, in v27c6 …

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  • Phil1403

    Quest section

    October 24, 2015 by Phil1403

    Quest section

    The Quest section is stable, and almost finished.

    Last but not least, if someone wants to complete the subsection list of famous quest. Or even extend it to a more complete list of the quest given or found in LMS. He is welcome.

    You just need to use your search engine and fill in the content, in alphabetical order.


    - Name of the quest, reference (vc for volume and chapter where the reader kind find it )

    And, if you want, give very few information about the context like who, where, when, why or how, or type or level of quest. Should 1-2 lines max.

    If there is no name, just label it Unamed Quest.

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  • Phil1403

    Monster section

    October 24, 2015 by Phil1403

    Monster section

    At the moment, we have around 100 monster description.  We are probably half way. But i needed a break, so i started to work on the skill section and improved slightly the quest section.


    - A monster is missing ?

    - A page is incomplete or include a mistake in your opinion ?

    - A page is in a old format ? 

    - Something else ? 

    Please give your input in the comment section here. Or add the content by yourself.

    Otherwise, some translation issue where found in the process. They were send to Sunova from LMS machine translation, who said he would help with solving them. 

    Take care

    Ps - I'm still only at volume 9. And many more monsters are to be included.

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  • Phil1403

    New Skill Section added

    October 24, 2015 by Phil1403


    Just added some content on a new skill section ( after adding content to Quest and Monster section).

    It still need a lot of work.

    For the moment, I just plan to list all the skill i can find and create the page. 

    Key word used for search entry are Skill & Technique.

    Then i want to test/find a model for the skill page standart structure. 

    Sorting skill out and reorganizing content will come later on. 

    Various suggestion to improve the section has been made in advance here (talk about skill section). So that everyone can contribute or express his opinion.

    Some content will be moved to fill in the section. And some will have to be moved out (example: authority of the Emperor). So your opinion is welcome. 

    Ps -  

    Skill description page. I started w…

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  • Phil1403

    Undead description in LMS

    September 30, 2015 by Phil1403


    I have not finished to transcript the data relative to the undead yet. But still some interesting facts starts to appear. So, i'm sharing them with you. Please double check the facts by reading the monster or item pages. Feedback is welcome

    If you want to add a new opinion/perspective, please take the time to source your quote, so that we can add them to the different section later on.

    What's the real difference between Bone, Death, Doom or Abyss Knight ? 

    What is also the difference in terms of level scaling ?

    And what level of necromantic magic is actually used ? (refering to necromancer tome here)

    It's also interesting to notice that Bone Knight appears already as an elite undead in Shire's army ( tier 3 magic?!?).

    Means also the …

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  • Sunova49

    I am a native born korean from Seoul and I wish to help translate LMS volumes 27 and beyond. 

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  • Phil1403

    Searching for new monsters

    September 26, 2015 by Phil1403

    Reading LMS volume 1-26 collecting data about monsters. 

    At the moment, i'm at volume 6, no 7.

    I may miss some of them ( i search with the key word monster ).

    So if you see any monster that is not in the list here, please leave a message, with name and (if possible) source.


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  • Phil1403

    Good new

    Volume 26 Chapter 7

    Latest chap by Endling and his team (Clickyclick) is out. 

    History of the Four RacesTranslated by End, Proofread by Baconator, BloodAdept and Britsch

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  • Fizz Mooney


    September 19, 2015 by Fizz Mooney

    Hello everybody. First of all, thanks for willing to contribute to our wiki. Here are some guidelines.

    1. Only post picture from the novel or the manhwa of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.
    2. Exclude any use of first and second person; I, We, You, 
    3. Personal opinion is not allowed in the page, unless in the talk page or in the comment. (unless authors opinion, which you need to provide the resource of the opinion)
    4. No repititive information/collaboration of the information based on personal opinion.
    5. If possible, please provide the source, (Vol..Chap..)
    6. Even if you don't provide the source, make sure the information came from the novel or the manhwa. Own imaginations are not allowed to be post in the page, unless in comment.
    7. No vandalism or spamming of edit. …
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  • Phil1403

    Time line project

    September 18, 2015 by Phil1403


    I started a while a go a collaborative time line project to help Endling to work on the translation. But ther was not enough response from the community to push the project forward

    You can find the start here

    If you want you can help with the prototype (working on a test time line of volume 1 and 2). Or feed it with content, when reading. 

    Just let me know, thanks. 

    If you need some inspiration, just google image "time line". ;-)  

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  • Seven from the forums

    Previous blog post is some sort of spam. Do not click the link it will automatically download something onto your computer. Also if an admin could delete it that would be nice.

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