Bone dragon

Bone dragon 2

Bone dragon

An elite Undead Beast .

" A sinister spirit could not forsake the power of hatred and was revived as an undead. Originally a savage Red Dragon, since turning into an undead it became even more berserk". (V9C10)

Dragon, considered to be the strongest creature on earth, after it death it is brought back to life into Bone Dragon. Even though it strength is not as strong compared to the real living dragon, it is still very strong monster.

The Bone Dragon's level was known to be in the late 400s. It is considered as both Boss Monster and Large Monster, being about 400 meters in size. 

Appearances Edit

Bone Dragon

Flying bone dragon

Valley of Death Edit

  • A Bone dragon summoned by Valhalla Temple of Embinyu Church.
  • Showed a very devastating power, with roar that paralyze the users and corrosive Dragonbreath that can instakill most users.
  • Weed at level 319 was one of the users who were instakilled from the Dragonbreath, but fortunately return as skeleton due to the 'Power to Reject Death'.

Return of Bar Khan Edit

  • There are three bone dragon guarding Bar Khan life Amulet. With the help of a strong team, careful preparation, and epic gameplay, Weed was finally able to defeat them.

A Bone Dragon in JigolathEdit

  • Ironically, Weed himself turned into a Bone dragon for a few moment, due to the Power to Reject Death, in Jigolath underground dungeon.

Hermes guild hunting a bone dragonEdit

  • It was shown on TV, that the Hermes guild also hunted down a bone dragon (v28c7)


  • Dragon Roar: Apply various of negative affect on the enemy, such as fear , paralysis, mana leak, lowering fighting spirit, Agility reduced by 15% and Wisdom reduced by 30% and stun temporarily. (Mana leak is the condition where the User failed to launch magic, but the mana is consumed anyway)
  • Dragon Breath: Very high damage acidic poison that will melt everything in contact, and apply poison debuff.
  • Dragon powerful bite and claws.
  • Dragon magic, with Icebolt
  • Dark magic with Demon Spear, a top tier Dark Magic

More informations Edit

  • Require Bone Dragon manufacturing magic, as described in the Necromancer tome written by Bar Khan .
  • The appearance of a Bone dragon in the death Valley strongly suggest a possible interaction between the Embinyu Evil Cult and the mad wizard Bar Khan, who invented the spell.
  • Even though the Bone Dragon is very strong, Weed learned about its weakness from the Necromancer Tome written by Bar Khan himself.

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