Description Edit

The Britten Alliance is the alliance of seven small kingdoms, integrated into one through arranged kings inter-marriages, laws and regulations (vl3c4).

The lord of each Britten country can go to any other country of the Alliance and they are treated with the same respect as they receive in their own home country (vl3c4).

The Capital City is the Regus Fortress. Also known as Castle Regus of the Keuroin Kingdom.(v?c?)

Another is the Bikeijeu Kingdom (v?c?)

The dominant player force there is the cloud guild (v30c10).

Origin of the Britten Alliance Edit

In its early days, the weak forces of minor countries had to get into alliance if they wanted to survive in an era of war.

First, the seven kingdoms shared a strained atmosphere of suspicion and distrust; but now the kingdoms have integrated into one through laws and regulations, as well as arranged inter-marriages.

Thus, the Britten Alliance was born (vl3c4)

Geography Edit

The Britten alliance is situated somewhat to the east of the center of the continent, next to the Tullen kingdom (v30c10). There are 2 larges rivers :

  • Reflection River (v?c?)
  • Somren River (v?c?)

Economy Edit

Britten Alliance is a Kingdom that is highly advanced in commercial trade, so a fair number of dark gamers (v30c10) and merchants trade there (vl3c4).

Being able to avoid major wars on their territories, they have a thriving economy. Born of these came the independent cities (Free imperial cities) formed by the merchants, so trade and technology were able to advance greatly. Due to this reason, quite a number of users selected the Britten Alliance as their starting place.


Famous Places Edit

  • Antarosa: A place full of monsters and adventurers, the former Capital of the Arpen Empire (v30c7)
  • Barsmagle (v?c?)
  • Liberty City of Somren: Located South of Someran River and North of Reflection River. Somren had characteristics that were well suited to a feudal lord, where there were few taxes and tariffs. Thanks to that, many traders and adventurers stayed here. Most of the group of general users was always looking for better weapons. In other places, the purchase price in stores included the taxes, but in Liberty City, the tax price was very cheap. The city was a paradise for merchants. [Sometimes translated as Free City of Somren]] (v3c5)
  • Tomlin Village : Tomlin village was visited primarily by the low level beginners, and the traders. With a variety of goods being sold and exchanged, many merchants frequently dropped by.(v?c?)

War and EmpireEdit

The Britten Alliance is located where Antarosa, the capital of first Arpen Empire was originaly based (v30c7). It's a place which attracts many adveturers. And probably one of the reason why it was attacked by the Hermes guild (v30c10). 

More to come

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