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New category of item, related to event and place of the past; and also to magic and new features of the game.


A strategic item to access to new dungeons, legendary place and knowledge of the past (v?c?) History facts and new game update are related to the hidden past of this Legendary Continent.

  • Various form (v?c?)
  • Various type of books (v?c?)
  • Various cultures (v?c?)
  • Various languages (v?c?)

Related places Edit

A key place to construct, if you want to develop your city or your territory (v?c?)

  • Library
  • Magic tower

Examples of Morata (v?c?).

The library was constructed first, then the magic tower was constructed. 


Examples of Morata (v?c?). 

Magic towerEdit

Examples of Morata (v?c?). 

Related class/professionEdit

  • Adventurers (v?c?)
  • Librarian (v?c?)
  • Magician (v?c?)

More to come 

A few example Edit

Pages in category "Book"

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