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Are the core of every class there is a core skill or an area of expertise. Every class can evolve and develop a new area of epertise. But humans, elves or dwarves are limited to 3 areas of expertise[1]. And area of expertise is not a special technique developed by a master.

Description Edit

  • There are more than 10.000 classes and professions in Royal Road (RR)[2]

Classes/Profession and advancement Edit

  • Classes are generally categorized into to 2 type: combat classes (melee and supportive) and craft classes/profession.
  • There are normal classes and professions as well as hidden/secret classes, that are given/opened under special circumstances (a sort of special reward or easter egg)
  • Class/profession have a first & 2nd advancement. Same as for a skill : you have beginner, intermediary (1st adv) and advanced skill (2nd adv) level.
  • First and secondary job advancement can also be seen as acquiring a new speciality. In other words, there is basic class, then the basic class (sculptor) can advance to a more specialized class (stone sculptor), and can be further advance more to a even more specialised class. For example a Wizard is a magic using class, which specialize into magical offense. As a 1st adv, they can further specialize to Dark Wizard, for more access tp dark offense spell and curse spell. As a 2nd adv, they can further specialize to Necromancer which is a Dark Wizard specializing into summoning undead.
  • Combat classes and Profession involving craftmanship have a different way to improve their stat.
"Combat classes receive a rapid increase in strength, dexterity, or wisdom stat during their second job advancement. But sculptors didn’t have such benefits, they had their craftsmanship instead. A Sculptor is a class based mainly on art production. The fastest way to develop craftsmanship is to learn the different production skills, and then utilize their respective abilities and talents to create a variety of products. Thanks to this, their physical and mental capabilities could be improved to be equal to those of the combat classes." [3]
  • Also, players are not completely limited to their own job or profession. To a certain degree, a limited bi or multi-classing approach seem to be allowed (for example a sculptor or crafting class raising fighting attributes) or even facilitated ( a sculptor can learn any craftman skill). But still, skill grow is slowed down, and access to special skill of intermediary or advance level is limited. Also, this bi or multi classing skill development is limited by stat and the amount of required training.

Learning Skill Edit

  • A player can’t change their class (normal) once they pick it unless it’s offered by the game (1st or 2nd advancement or special case - quote and example required - )
  • But you can still learn a new skill from another character (NPC or PC, depending on their level, quote required) and also depending of your own stat (the Geomchi lack of wisdom/intelligence).
  • A new skill does not have to be related to your class or profession ( for example a sculptor can learn any other craftman skill)
  • Under certain conditions, you can also import a skill you already know in real life (fighting or cooking skill for example) or learn it on your own from repeated action and research in RR (for example, Geomichi's learning construction skill from repeated action or magician researching into lost Magic from the past).
  • You can also learn a certain skill from a book written by a master (cf. Geihar von Arpen warrior inheritage) or a magic book.
  • Rising a specific stat should also help doing the trick (wisdom & prayer for a paladin).


Stat, skill and Class interactions Edit

  • Since each class can be developed from the actions and research from the players, it's suggested (v7c?) that RR has no real limitation regarding the overall number of specialities.
  • So in theory, with the help of others, learning of skill and growing stat, one might even be-able to create a completely new speciality or even a new class. Or at least that's the logical consequence from the aformentionned.
  • And as one can get a special skill ( a special reward for a S rank quest for example), in truth, it could alter or even mutate their class. For example Lee Hyun getting the ability to raise from the dead with full health and different stat.
  • Still, changing classe, even temporary, does affect your stat, including your skill (quote required; see Weed's stat change).

Class/Profession acquisitionEdit

This is a key element of the gaming system. the development of a character is largely related to his class.

New classes or professionEdit

New class or profession can even be opened or be created by players, or even through the Skill management system, when a secondary skill becomes a primary skill.

  • Opening of a new class: necromancer subclass
  • Creating of a new class: Ceramist [4]

Hidden/Secret ClassesEdit

"A special class that you cannot get the information through public knowledge. Instead these classes can only be attained by going through special quests.

The requirement for these quests are usually extremely hard to meet and they're not easily known. However, because it allows you to use skills outside of the normal skill tree, there are many users trying to get hidden classes. Many users in Royal Road share their information in order to find the Hidden Classes. However, it is said that they haven't even found 1/10,000th of the information."[5]

There are various hidden class. Here a few example

  • Aqualight Painter. Known Uniqueness: capable to paint through space and time.[6]
  • Berserker
  • Moonlight Sculptor. Known Uniqueness: able to sculpt moonlight and very rare dual sculptor combat class. Capable to sculpt life itself  
  • Martial Artist. Known Uniqueness: able use any or wield any weapon with little to no weapon class restriction.[7]
  • Ironblood Blacksmith 2nd adv.

How to acquire a Class/ProfessionEdit

There are multiple ways to get a class:

  • Intelligence Guild: Gives counsel to players depending on their stats and skills. On rare occasions, the guild unveils hidden classes.[8]
  • Class Guilds: Players can go to a chosen class guild and acquire a class after performing tasks.
  • Quests: Player gets the chance to get a hidden/secret classes by doing quests that are normally not known or ignored by regular players even if known.[6]
  • Race: Some classes like Orcs enjoy race-exclusive classes.[9]
  • Items: Special items could unlock a hidden class. (e.g. Successor to the Legendary Emperor 1)
  • Player gets the chance to get a hidden/secret class by doing or finishing a certain task that seems boring, mundane, and/or hard.

Class discrimination in RR ?Edit

"There is no (...) class discrimination in the Arpen Kingdom" [10]. One of the issue within RR, in the first year was class discrimination. That was one of the mistake users were doing, because of lack of understanding of the gameplay. The same mistake was also made with grinding level and neglecting skill or stat.   


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