There are various type of items. Items include armors, books , clothes, jewelries, materials, tools and weapons. They are key assets for players.

Ingame item

Specific Item use

Use of items can be limited. It by specific requirements, related to class, level, skill proficiency, attribute or even stats. Example:

  •  ??? related to class
  •  ??? related to level
  •  ??? related to skill


Item are available from monsters, NPC or users.

  • Availability from monsters is considered "loot".
  • Otherwise, they can be available either at a shop, or a quest.
  • They can also be crafted by NPC or users. Crafted item by users gives better bonus, but tend to be more expensive or more difficult to be found.

Item category

Items are categorized into common, uncommon, rare and unique. Basically, price and availability is related to rarity.

In real life

Buying items

Users who have money tend to buy items on the internet to support the development of their character.

Item, a source of income

Dark gamers are players who makes a living by renting their skills or/and selling items. Therefore, finding and using valuable items are vital to insure incomes. Rare or Unique item can often be a source of special income, especially if sold on internet.


Item list

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