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Materials are a key ressources for certain classes / professions, especially to improve skills or develop new or high quality products. Or to activate a powerful spell.

Material requirement Edit

Some skill, especially craft or magic skills, need specific materials and tools to be activated.

Quality and price of material Edit

Materials can be 1,2 or 3 tier.

  • Regular or common material are level 1 tier material
  • Uncommon material are level 2 tier material
  • Rare or special material are level 3 tier material
  • Unique materials

Price is related to rarity or quality of a material. 

Impact of very rare material on resultsEdit

The material invested, and even the quality of the tool will influence of the end result of a craft skill production in more than one way. For example :

  • Chance of Success
  • Quality of the result (for example: rating of sculpture)

Of course, stat, luck and level of skill proficiency also have an influence on the end result.

It also has an influence on the expected benefits :

  • Amount of benefits earned ( in terms of skill experience, stat bonus and other benefits related to the result)

List of special material Edit

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