"In Royal Road, the appearance of monsters is very realistic and detail oriented. For example, the rotten corpses of monsters stank fiercely" (vol3).

Beginner's Monster

Very normal mammals from the wilderness, like deer, foxes, porcupine, rabbits and even squirrels... Most of them are difficult to hunt, but not especially dangerous for beginners, at least if you don't attack them. They can even be considered as cute. But some mammals can really endanger the life of a beginner... especially wolves, bear, lions, etc.

Boss Class Monster

There are normal monster and boss-class monster. Boss-class monster are the strongest in their own race, but not necessarily stronger than normal monster from other race.

Boss-class monsters are further categorized into floor-boss, area-boss and dungeon-boss.

Large monsters

You can also categorize into large monster and ordinary monster.

Ordinary monster are giving experience point to the person who land the last hit to it, but large monster divide experience points evenly to the attacking party who kills it (source?).

Almost all large monsters are boss-class monster, such as KIng Hydra, Black Imugi, Dragons.

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