An recently discovered starting place for players. It is a medium size Kingdom in the Central Continent, its capital is Serabourg City. It is Weed's start point in Royal Road[1], also it is the place where Zahab and Queen Evane were born[2][3].


Rosenheim is a Kingdom ruled by King Theodarren situated on the southern side of the continent. It borders the Britten Alliance to the west, The Desert of Tranquility to the southwest, the Plains of Despair to the east and the Brent Kingdom to the north. It is on the outskirts of the developed continent, so it bears the brunt of many monster attacks. The southern part especially suffers attacks from marauding monsters[4].Serabourg City is its capital and the main starting place for newbies.

Alternate time lineEdit


  • When Weed started, Rosenheim Kingdom had only been discovered 6 months ago so it was relatively unexplored[5]. Royal Road has been opened for 15 months (real time) so 70% of the continent is still uncharted.
  • After sometime the Rosenheim Kingdom's growth was big, many high-end stores were established and the level of the users was much higher[6].

List of known placesEdit

  • Lair of Livart "three hours on horseback eastward" at the entrance of Grave Mountains
  • Grave Mountains
  • Baran Village " ten days on foot soutwards"
  • West valley
  • Elline village [7]

List of character appearancesEdit

  • Training hall instructor Docke Lancer and his barbarian wife, Mrs Lancer
  • Rodriguez the Sage aka The Caunselor , shrewd dead end of Quests
  • Python a level 288 player ( only one able to understand Weed's behaviour at the training hall)
  • Jeong Seoyoon, female player, friends with the instructor.
  • Pale
  • Romuna
  • Surka
  • Irene
  • Volk, high level player, ripped-off Weed despite being loaded
  • Sir Midvale,  a Red Order knight recently promoted to Royal Knight
  • Buren, Becker, Hosram, Dale, Rosenheim soldiers; more about them here
  • First mention of Geihar von Arpen [8]
  • Count Albrook [9]
  • Darius,player with temporary knight-hood bestowed by Duke Kanus
  • Duke Kanus, NPC in charge of military affairs, the one that organized both Lair of Litvart extermination and Baran Village's expedition.
  • Ghandilva, the elder of Baran village [10].
  • Mapan, a level 70 merchant [11]
  • Geomchi and his students

Monster appearanceEdit

  • Hippies (west Valley)
  • Kobolds (Lair of Livart) level 20 with subspecies such as: kobold rascals (lvl 23), kobold warriors(lvl28)
  • Goblins (Lair of Litvart) level 50 with subspecies such as:goblin raiders(lvl58), goblin alchemist, goblin warriors
  • Bugs (Lair of Litvart secret chambers)  with subspecies such as: little bugs, queen bugs, queen of queen worm
  • Spiders ( nearby dungeon)  with subspecies such as: red spider, poisonous spider
  • Bandits [12]
  • Lizardmen (near Baran village) [13].


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