You are welcome to contribute to this wiki.

So feel free to pick up a page or section that you would like to improve. And add the category tag "Updating" for the time you are working with this page.

Making a contributionEdit

It is up to you to choose what you want to do.  

Your contribution can be:

  • adding content (new page or new information in the page)
  • adding picture
  • adding quality for the reader thoug writing improvement (spelling and grammar)
  • adding reference or quote for readers, while using the adequate template
  • adding update request, while using the adequate template   

And even more... 

Letting the community knowEdit

If you pick up a page or a section, you should add the category tag Updating.

Then, please make sure that you:

  • specify the type of contribution you want to make in the talk section
  • when you plan to have finished
  • make sure, you use the adequate template (reference, infobox)

If you need help, share your question in the forum or please ask the admin.He will help you.

For beginnersEdit

We advice you to start with 

  • adding quality for the reader through writing improvement (spelling and grammar), especially if you are native english speaker
  • adding new pictures

Then move to:

  • adding reference or quote, while using the adequate template
  • adding update request, while using the adequate template   

If you want to create a page, feel free, just make sure to: 

  • use the adequate template (reference, infobox)
  • use the adequate category

If you don't know how, share your question in the forum or ask the admin . He will help you.

Sharpening the sawEdit

If you have any doubt or want to support a change, share your question or your opinion in the forum or ask the admin . He is there to support your contribution.

Currently updatingEdit