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This is a list of all translated volumes of the Korean light novel series The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor by NAM Heesung, as well as the chapters contained therein.

The latest translation are on Rainbow turtle's site.All information and topic related to chapters that are not translated yet are to be adressed in the spoiler section of the forum. 

Volume ListEdit

The list of all translated chapters

Volume 1-10Edit

Volume 1
Chapter 1: The Birth of a Dark Gamer
Chapter 2: Wild Beast Appears
Chapter 3: The Instructor’s Request
Chapter 4: Dreadful Weed
Chapter 5: A Girl Who Lost Words
Chapter 6: Over a Barbeque
Chapter 7: Maestro of Battles
Chapter 8: The Fated Profession
Chapter 9: The City of Heaven
Chapter 10: Weed’s Role in the Punitive Force
Volume 2
Chapter 1: Land of the Myth
Chapter 2: The Statue of the Goddess Freya
Chapter 3: Lost Treasures of the Temple
Chapter 4: The City of Heaven, Lavias
Chapter 5: The One Who Does the Worse
Chapter 6: The Meaning Behind Royal Road
Chapter 7: Nameless Statue of Lavias
Chapter 8: The Lost Treasure of Freya
Chapter 9: Princess’ Knight
Chapter 10: Mountains of Loot
Volume 3
Chapter 1: My profession: Moonlight Sculptor
Chapter 2: The stone that gathers lightning
Chapter 3: Instruments and intrigue
Chapter 4: Van Hawk’s humiliation
Chapter 5: Return of the relic…
Chapter 6: A bad cold
Chapter 7: Ignorant Beginner
Chapter 8: True Blood Vampires
Chapter 9: The Great sculpture
Chapter 10: Battle of The Black Castle
Chapter 11: Poor emergence of broadcasting
Volume 4
Chapter 1: Plains of Despair
Chapter 2: Jack of All Trades
Chapter 3: Prismatic Clothing Auctions
Chapter 4: Engraving Master Darone
Chapter 5: Shapeshifter Sculpture
Chapter 6: Ohdein Castle Siege
Chapter 7: Dungeon Hunt
Chapter 8: Weed’s Hunt
Chapter 9: The Dark Gamers Union
Chapter 10: The Largest Tomb
Volume 5
Chapter 1: Tomb of the Great King
Chapter 2: Pyramids and the Dignity of the King
Chapter 3: The Power of Alcohol
Chapter 4: Grades
Chapter 5: Plains of Despair
Chapter 6: Sculptural Transformation
Chapter 7: Karichwi’s Simple Ignorance
Chapter 8: Orc Wars
Chapter 9: Hall of Fame
Chapter 10: Road Selection
Volume 6
Chapter 1: Delight
Chapter 2: Lavias, City in the Sky
Chapter 3: First time at the Movies
Chapter 4: The Restaurant of Hotel V.
Chapter 5: Karichwi Running!
Chapter 6: Tallock’s Armor
Chapter 7: Past Ties
Chapter 8: Strange Companion
Chapter 9: Sculptures of Her
Volume 7
Chapter 1: Pre-war
Chapter 2: Undead Legion
Chapter 3: Lich Shire
Chapter 4: Quest
Chapter 5: Power to Reject Death
Chapter 6: Into The World
Chapter 7: Profit and Loss
Chapter 8: Trail of Death
Chapter 9: Hall of Fame Expedition
Volume 8
Chapter 1: Rhodium
Chapter 2: The Golden Statue
Chapter 3: The Silhouette of a Golden Statue
Chapter 4: Northern Expedition
Chapter 5: Moonlight Sculpting
Chapter 6: Hollow Dungeon!
Chapter 7: Classical Concert
Chapter 8: Forced Quest Trigger
Chapter 9: Valley of Death
Volume 9
Chapter 1: Night in Morata
Chapter 2: Operation Acquire Food
Chapter 3: Wonder of the Northern Region
Chapter 4: Conquest
Chapter 5: In the Cave
Chapter 6: A Man’s Romance
Chapter 7: Moonlight Magnum Opus
Chapter 8: Korea University
Chapter 9: Planted Seed
Chapter 10: Raid
Chapter 11: God of War Weed
Volume 10
Chapter 1: Skeleton Soldier Weed
Chapter 2: Origin of the Skeleton
Chapter 3: Rise of the Undead
Chapter 4: Single Point Attack Arts
Chapter 5: Treasures of Nipelheim
Chapter 6: Birthday Party
Chapter 7: High Elf Bow
Chapter 8: Tower of Light
Chapter 9: Gathering
Chapter 10: Todeum

Volume 11-20Edit

Volume 11
Chapter 1: The Land of the Vampires
Chapter 2: Seirun
Chapter 3: Quest
Chapter 4: Roselyn Rescue Mission
Chapter 5: Lee Hyun’s First Class
Chapter 6: The Law of Local Procurement
Chapter 7: Letter of a Vampire
Chapter 8: The Slightest Hope
Chapter 9: Program Weed
Chapter 10: First M.T. (Membership Training)
Volume 12
Chapter 1: The Day of the Showdown
Chapter 2: Todeum Expedition
Chapter 3: Silmido of Hell
Chapter 4: Wild and Hell training
Chapter 5: Lee Hyun’s Identity Uncovered
Chapter 6: The Loots’ Shadow
Chapter 7: The Victories in Heaven and Earth
Chapter 8: Prisoner of War
Chapter 9: Elemental Sculpturing Skill
Chapter 10: Tower of Heroes
Volume 13
Chapter 1: Skeleton Knight
Chapter 2: The Princess’s Knight
Chapter 3: The Historic Battle
Chapter 4: Weed’s Return
Chapter 5: A symbol of prosperity that is Morata
Chapter 6: The Statue of a Daughter
Chapter 7: The vicious Morata Lord
Chapter 8: The Dwarf Kingdom
Chapter 9: The Dwarf Art Hand
Chapter 10: Akryong Kaybern
Volume 14
Chapter 1: Dwarven Village Iron Hand
Chapter 2: Kuruso
Chapter 3: The Secret Commissioned Sculpture
Chapter 4: Commander of Tremors
Chapter 5: Fight against Death Hand
Chapter 6: Continent's Dreams
Chapter 7: Water Park for Young Dwarven Children
Chapter 8: Elemental Creation
Chapter 9: Dark Gamers' Conversation
Chapter 10: Travelers of the Wilderness
Chapter 11: Dain's Wait
Volume 15
Chapter 1: Dwarf's Gift
Chapter 2: Undiscovered Dungeon
Chapter 3: The Strange Booklet of Gildras
Chapter 4: The Ability He Shows
Chapter 5: The Pure-White Beauty
Chapter 6: Slave Date
Chapter 7: Smith's Curiousity
Chapter 8: Reconstruction of the Niflheim Empire
Chapter 9: Sculptor of Hell
Chapter 10: The Bull Riding Sculptor
Chapter 11: The Sculptures Erected on the River of Lamentation
Volume 16
Chapter 1: Wanted
Chapter 2: Alliance of the Deliverers
Chapter 3: Power of the Deliverer
Chapter 4: PStrategy of Invincibility
Chapter 5: Zhuge Liang’s Strategy
Chapter 6: Black Dragon
Chapter 7: Weed's Ideal Type
Chapter 8: Commander of the Battlefield
Chapter 9: The Tyrant's Return
Volume 17
Chapter 1: Weed's Notoriety
Chapter 2: Blacksmith of Magic Swords
Chapter 3: The Lord of Morata
Chapter 4: 1 Deeply Touching Copper
Chapter 5: Seoyoon's House Visit
Chapter 6: Sculpture of a Child
Chapter 7: A Girl's Life
Chapter 8: Dain's Close Encounter
Chapter 9: Lonely Wanderer
Chapter 10: Ill-Fated Relationship With Bardray
Volume 18
Chapter 1: Ahreupen's Empire Sealed Memories
Chapter 2: A Man's Journey
Chapter 3: Wings
Chapter 4: Architecture of Ahreupen
Chapter 5: Constituition of Dejected Belief
Chapter 6: Weed's Song
Chapter 7: Morata's Defense
Chapter 8: Previous Negotiations
Chapter 9: History of Sculptures
Chapter 10: Ghost Ship
Chapter 11: Captain Deorol
Volume 19
Chapter 1: Captain of the Ghost Ship
Chapter 2: Dinner in the Island of Ipia
Chapter 3: Performance Time
Chapter 4: Weed Divers
Chapter 5: Pirate's Lost Fleet
Chapter 6: Accompanied by the Northen Lights
Chapter 7: Adventurer of Las Phalanx
Chapter 8: Sculptor's Hertiage
Chapter 9: Seyoon's Arrival
Chapter 10: Limits of a Necromancer
Volume 20
Chapter 1: Emotional Reunion
Chapter 2: The Emergence of Uninvited Guests
Chapter 3: Night of the Undead
Chapter 4: Battle in the Volcanic Eruption
Chapter 5: Seulroeo’s Story
Chapter 6: Inferno Dungeon
Chapter 7: Fire Giant
Chapter 8: Las Phalanx War Race
Chapter 9: Weed does it again
Chapter 10: The Chaotic Wedding

Volume 21-30Edit

Volume 21
Chapter 1: Imperial Construction Secret
Chapter 2: Sculptor’s Gallery
Chapter 3: Coffee Date
Chapter 4: Mithril Angel
Chapter 5: Message in a Bottle
Chapter 6: The Miracle of Granting Life
Chapter 7: Death Aura
Chapter 8: Counterattack in Rain, Wind, and Fog
Chapter 9: The High Seas
Chapter 10: Friends
Volume 22
Chapter 1: Mermaid’s Bag
Chapter 2: The Great Construction
Chapter 3: Teuresec’s Horn that signals Victory
Chapter 4: Visit to the Main Office
Chapter 5: Nature Sculpting
Chapter 6: A Sculptor who wanders the Continent
Chapter 7: The Grand Cathedral of Freya
Chapter 8: Rejecting Destiny
Volume 23
Chapter 1: Low Class Skeleton
Chapter 2: Sword Master Ash
Chapter 3: Kapua's Ghost
Chapter 4: Uncollapsible Sand Castle
Chapter 5: Canyon of the Death Knight
Chapter 6: Furgol Fortress
Chapter 7: Song of the Death Knight
Chapter 8: Great Disaster Nature Sculpting
Chapter 9: Hermes Guild's Assault
Chapter 10: Great King Avannah
Volume 24
Chapter 1: Doom Knight Rebellion Plan
Chapter 2: The Clash with the Hermes Guild
Chapter 3: An Estimate More Terrifying Than Life
Chapter 4: Helium Sculpture
Chapter 5: Turn Undead
Chapter 6: Three Bone Dragons
Chapter 7: Calling the Storm
Chapter 8: Master of Vargo Fortress
Chapter 9: Snowfall on Christmas Night
Chapter 10: The Old Handmaiden's Request
Chapter 11: Weed's Call
Volume 25
Chapter 1: Bardray's Ascension
Chapter 2: Grapass
Chapter 3: Zahab's Artworks
Chapter 4: The Sculptures Zahab Wants To Leave Behind
Chapter 5: Secret Sword Skill
Chapter 6: Radiant Sword left behind the Sculptures
Chapter 7: The Old Handmaiden of Rosenheim Kingdom
Chapter 8: Diary of Queen Evane
Chapter 9: Embinyu Church Invasion
Chapter 10: Escape from Serabourg Citadel
Volume 26
Chapter 1: The Underground Passage
Chapter 2: Refugees of Serabourg Citadel
Chapter 3: Weed's Decision
Chapter 4: Flood and the Sphinx
Chapter 5: Church of Lugh
Chapter 6: The Genesis of Sculpting
Chapter 7: The History of Four Races
Chapter 8: The Location of Ratzeburg
Chapter 9: Discovery of the First City
Chapter 10: Glory of the Orc Tribe
Chapter 11: History of the Orcs
Volume 27
Chapter 1: Sculptures Made from Earth
Chapter 2: A Ceramist
Chapter 3: The Orc’s Quest
Chapter 4: Bird Egg Sculptures
Chapter 5: The Birth of Ceramists
Chapter 6: Forge of Hestia
Chapter 7: A Country’s King
Chapter 8: The Offering Work of the Dwarves
Chapter 9: A Meeting with a Sculptural Lifeform Race
Volume 28
Chapter 1: Melbourne Mine
Chapter 2: Bardray and the Royal Guards
Chapter 3: Woomba Belkain
Chapter 4: Approaching Danger
Chapter 5: Excavated Ice Beauty
Chapter 6: Special Reunion
Chapter 7: Inferior Duel
Chapter 8: Armour Taken Away
Chapter 9: Second Secret Sword Technique
Chapter 10: Helium’s Rebirth
Chapter 11: 30 Gold Event
Volume 29
Chapter 1: Failed Sculpture
Chapter 2: Garden of the Gods
Chapter 3: Orc’s Choice
Chapter 4: Worst Destiny
Chapter 5: Ruins of King Belsos
Chapter 6: Final Sculpting Master
Chapter 7: Spirit King’s Sculpture
Chapter 8: Choice of the Northern Lords
Chapter 9: Activities of The Sculptural Lifeforms
Chapter 10: Sulleion Tribe’s Trap
Volume 30
Chapter 1: Great Disaster at Rocky Canyon
Chapter 2: Fire Warrior
Chapter 3: Tubkal Peak
Chapter 4: Stone Statue in The City
Chapter 5: Black Knight’s Route
Chapter 6: Statue in the Square
Chapter 7: Hermes Guild’s Endless Greed
Chapter 8: Song of Bahamorg
Chapter 9: Monsters of Antarosa
Chapter 10: Bahamorg’s Memory

Volume 31-40Edit

Volume 31
Chapter 1: New Secret Sculpting Technique
Chapter 2: Bahamorg’s Power
Chapter 3: Seo-yoon’s Smile
Chapter 4: Battle of Sisley Castle
Chapter 5: Dark Gamer’s Fate
Chapter 6: Hummingbird’s Journey
Chapter 7: Life of a Hummingbird
Chapter 8: Disaster Three Times
Chapter 9: Embinyu Church's Suffering
Chapter 10: Talk of Heroes
Chapter 11: Sea Turtle
Volume 32
Chapter 1: Expansion of the Arpen Kingdom
Chapter 2: Wet Land
Chapter 3: Gathering of Paladins
Chapter 4: Roderick's Labyrinth
Chapter 5: Sacrifice of Paladins
Chapter 6: Landlord's Appearance
Chapter 7: Demon Slayer
Chapter 8: Large Battle
Chapter 9: Great Achievement
Chapter 10: Roderick's Research Records
Volume 33
Chapter 1: Grass Porridge Cult’s Naval Warfare
Chapter 2: War on Land
Chapter 3: Battle on Yellowy
Chapter 4: Winner of Rupoi Plains
Chapter 5: Nodulle and Hilderun
Chapter 6: Time in the Past
Chapter 7: The Versailles Continent in the Past
Chapter 8: Flames of Disaster
Chapter 9: Seo-yoon Caught in Between
Chapter 10: Crossroad of Life and Death
Volume 34
Chapter 1:  Nodulle’s Suffering
Chapter 2: Zahab and Queen Evane
Chapter 3: Battle of Portu’s Royal Castle
Chapter 4: Munoji Castle
Chapter 5: Sculpture that Makes a Miracle
Chapter 6: Exquisite Treachery
Chapter 7: Tranquillity of the Desert
Chapter 8: Calling the Rain
Chapter 9: Heroes of the Past
Volume 35
Chapter 1: Victory of the Haven Empire
Chapter 2: Metapeia Conquest
Chapter 3: Matchless Warrior
Chapter 4: In Times of War
Chapter 5: Warrior Saving the World
Chapter 6: Disappearing City
Chapter 7: War in the Past
Chapter 8: Birth of a Tyran
Volume 36
Chapter 1: Commander of the Dark Army, Van Hawk
Chapter 2: Final Secret Sculpting Technique Quest
Chapter 3: Best Offering
Chapter 4: The Strongest Warrior
Chapter 5: Darkness, Fear and Plague
Chapter 6: Van Hawk's Dignity
Chapter 7: Eternal Colleague Zahab
Chapter 8: Python Going to the North
Chapter 9: Embinyu Army
Volume 37
Chapter 1: Dulmore Fortress’s Misfortune
Chapter 2: Advance Notice of an Outstanding Performance
Chapter 3: Emergence of a Bad Warrior
Chapter 4: Eye of the Storm
Chapter 5: Weed’s End
Chapter 6: Embinyu’s Power
Chapter 7: Destination Point
Chapter 8: Traces of History
Chapter 9: Pallos’s Power
Chapter 10: Invasion of the Haven Empire
Volume 38
Chapter 1: Scattered Subordinates
Chapter 2: Sky Tower’s Workers
Chapter 3: Eyes of a Landlord
Chapter 4: People of the North
Chapter 5: The Will of Great Emperor Weed
Chapter 6: Tower Crashing into the Ground
Chapter 7: Black Dragon Ausollet
Chapter 8: Dementia Dragon
Chapter 9: Black Bear and Dragon
Volume 39
Chapter 1:Dragon’s Crisis
Chapter 2:Embinyu’s Avatar
Chapter 3:Choice of a Thorny Path
Chapter 4:Eons of Erosion
Chapter 5:The Final Step
Chapter 6:Nodulle’s Ending
Chapter 7:Time Sculpting
Chapter 8:Treasures of the Sea
Chapter 9:The Return of the King
Volume 40
Chapter 1: Internal Affairs of the Arpen Kingdom
Chapter 2:Kill Without Asking Porridge Unit
Chapter 3:Abyss Knight and the Hermes Guild
Chapter 4:Emperor of the Haven Empire
Chapter 5:Encounter with Subordinates
Chapter 6:Alkazar Bridge
Chapter 7:Sky Porridge Unit
Chapter 8:Great Emperor’s Quest
Chapter 9:Resurrection of a Hateful Subordinate

Volume 41-50Edit

Volume 41
Chapter 1:Hero's Short Agony
Chapter 2:Hero' Advent
Chapter 3:Disaster Occurring
Chapter 4:Frontal Attack
Chapter 5:Weed's Song
Chapter 6:A War that isn't Possible
Chapter 7:Tilting War
Chapter 8:Collapsing Royal Palace
Chapter 9:Heaven Empire's Misfortune
Volume 42
Chapter 1:Palace Reconstruction Plan
Chapter 2:Hess Tiger's Final Request
Chapter 3:Work done behind the scenes
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:
Volume 43
Chapter 1:The Meaning of Timw Sculpting
Chapter 2:Teneidon's Call
Chapter 3:Dragon's Quest
Chapter 4:World of the Fairies
Chapter 5:Day Assault
Chapter 6:Emergency
Chapter 7:Weed the God of War
Chapter 8:Crushing Blow
Chapter 9:Heaven Empire Raid
Chapter 10:Black Knight's Fate
Volume 44
Chapter 1:Waking up the God of War
Chapter 2:Seo-yoon's Father
Chapter 3:The Special Myul Griffon Knights
Chapter 4:Empire's Fall
Chapter 5:Noble Sculpture
Chapter 6:Great Master
Chapter 7:Ratua's Reward
Chapter 8:Hermes Guild's Raid
Volume 45
Chapter 1:Exploiter of Glory
Chapter 2:Formidable Enemy of the Heaven Empire
Chapter 3:Weed's Profit
Chapter 4:Puhol Frotress
Chapter 5:Exposed Plan
Chapter 6:Joining of the Avians
Chapter 7:A Real Hero
Volume 46
Chapter 1:Decleration of Surrender
Chapter 2:Hermes Guild's Outcome
Chapter 3:Water Park that Will Earn a Fortune
Chapter 4:The North's Largest Construction
Chapter 5:Puhol Water Park
Chapter 6:The Day that Time Stopped
Chapter 7:Desert of Tranquility
Chapter 8:Reckless Challenge
Volume 47
Chapter 1:Beginning of a Star
Chapter 2:Baby Star
Chapter 3:The Best Hard-Working Craftman
Chapter 4:A Second Profession
Chapter 5:Sword of Lugh
Chapter 6:Records of the Hunt
Chapter 7:The Wrath of Deksu
Chapter 8:Weed's Trap
Volume 48
Chapter 1: Kallapik Castle
Chapter 2: Swaying Public Sentiment
Chapter 3: Great Villain’s Dream
Chapter 4: Seeds of Attack
Chapter 5: Gluttony Demon
Chapter 6: Ripples at Fort Odin
Chapter 7: Siege of Fort Odin
Chapter 8: Seo-yoon’s Sacrifice
Volume 49
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:
Chapter 11:
Volume 50
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:
Chapter 11:

More to come

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