When a player 1st starts out in character creation & selection as newbie, they have few choices to chose from.

Gender Selection

"Royal Road" give the new user the choice of male, female or neutral.

  • Quote: "Select your gender from male, female or neutr—" (v1c2)

Species/Races Selection

  • Quote: "Royal Road has 49 races. You may select your race from the primary 29­" (v1c2)
  • Note: the lists below are Species/Races that can be both Monster NPC as well as civilize Monster NPC or playable species/races or not.

Known Playable Species/Races

  • Human: The most well rounded race and the most popular race in royal road. No disadvantages but no specialties either.
  • Dwarf:
  • Elf: Have a higher affinity in magic and affinity to nature. Excel in archery and marksmanship.
  • Half-Elf:
  • Orc
  • Dark Elf: Affinity for magic as well as arcane arts
  • Vampire
  • Undead

Mention or Known Species/Races

  • Barbarian
  • Fairies
  • Mermaid
  • Avian: Unable to equip armor but able to fly, Race known for their short term memory lost
  • Heraim
  • Hobbit (Mentioned)
  • Wood Elf (Mentioned)
  • Grey Elf (Mentioned)
  • High Elf (Mentioned)
  • Shadow Elf (Mentioned)
  • Night Elf (Mentioned)

Other Facts

  • A newcomer in Royal Road is confined to the city of origin for a week in real world and four weeks in the game, thanks to the parallax between one place and the other. [v1c2]

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