Logging In Edit

When the player first enters the Royal Road capsule, their iris and veins will be scanned to determine the account associated with the player. If the player is not recognized, they will be asked to create a new account.[1]

Character Creation Edit

Upon agreeing to create a new account, the player will be asked a number of questions regarding their character, which they can answer aloud:

  • Character Name
  • Gender: Male, Female, or Neutral
  • Race: 29 primary races to choose from out of the 49 total races (at the start of the novel).
  • Appearance: Players can model the character after themselves, or design one themselves

Upon setting the appearance, the account will be activated. They will then be asked to select their starting place:

  • Kingdom
  • City

There is an additional tutorial stage for new players that is optional. Once they finish the tutorial or pass it, they will be teleported to their starting city to start their adventure. [2]

Known Playable Species/RacesEdit

Avians and Orcs were once locked races, but became unlocked due to the actions of Weed through his adventure.

Trivia Edit

  • New players are confined to their starting city for four in-game weeks (one week in real life). [3]
  • New players are automatically equipped with a white shirt and a pair of pants, as well as ten pieces of rye bread a canteen in their inventory. [4]
  • During this time, they can earn their first experience[5], pick new skills[6] and choose a class[7].

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