Stats are values that describe the 'power' of a player's specific attribute or characteristic in Royal Road. Depending on the type of stat, a higher or lower value helps a player succeed or fail in different situations. They form the foundation of any player in the game.

Stat List Edit

Stats are introduced in alphabetical order. Note that not all the stats listed apply to every gamer. There are standard stats, but some are race or class specific. Some stats are even personally earned.

Agility[1] Effects movement Speed, attack speed, rate of success for attack and defense.
Art [2] A gift in comprehending and practicing beauty. Art renders meals and products elegant in an aesthetic and practical sense. Improves when you see, hear, smell, taste or touch beautiful things, or create artwork.
Attack [3] The rate of success and damage in combat. Total attack comes from other stats, equipment, skills and spells bonus.
Charisma [4] Persuasive power. 
Charm [5] This attribute represents the ability to attract people, primarily those of the opposite sex. One becomes more attractive and charming. One of the main

attributes for bards, dancers and party leaders. If your profession is related to crafting, charisma will help you to create more detailed works.

Defense [6] Total from stats, equipment, skills and spell bonuses. Increase success rate of avoiding attack in combat, while reducing damage. 
Dignity [7] Residents will be respectful. Residents will have reduced complaints about paying taxes. One can increase this stat while leveling up. Also increases when ruling wisely over people. Service the people through successful quest, works of art, or even buildings can increase the stat.
Endurance [8] Reduces physical damage inflicted by the enemy, and even increases the user’s life by a small amount. One can invest some stat points from a level up in the endurance stat, but the stat also grows as the user is hit.
Faith [9]

In return for the praise and service to one God, blessings or even special abilities may be granted by God. When faith reached 600, it increased defense and resilience[10]. Effects from blessings and healing magic becomes greater and one ability to withstand the dark magic. It also increase leadership over Paladins.

Fighting Spirit [11] One can call on superhuman strength temporarily, or bring weaker monsters to their knees with a force in one look alone. One is prohibited from distributing stat bonus points to this stat, and it rises spontaneously, depending on the player's action, especially if one fights monsters for a long time, or often confront monsters stronger than one current level.
Honor [12] Honor has a great influence on one resident’s loyalty and diplomacy. It will also be a great help when recruiting free knights. As a noble, doing righteous acts will increase this stat. 
Intellect [13] It affects efficiency of magic, rate of mana recovery and maximum level of mana. Also translated as intelligence.
Leadership [14] Affects level of trust from troops and efficiency while managing them.
Luck [15] Affects rate of item drop and overall accuracy of incoming attacks/magic. Will also influence many other aleatory event. For example can reduce the quality of items dropped when PKed.
Stamina [16] It affects the rate of stamina used in action. One is prohibited from distributing stat bonus points to this stat. 
Strength [17] This particular stat determine the power behind an attack, just like in the real world. For example, a punch thrown while running away had much lower destructive power as opposed to a punch thrown at a close range. Therefore, damage is determined by how much one could control his own power. Posture, muscle use, proximity, and explosion of power. While fighting monsters, maximum damage will not be dealt if one attacks does not employ full strength. [18]
Undead power [19] Also translated power of the undead[20]. It is generated automatically when a gamer stays in an undead state over a certain amount of time. One cannot distribute stat points to this skill as it automatically increases as one spend time as an undead and gain experience from it. For example, the stat increases speed up during combat.

Also, this stat increase causes side effects. It increases the overall strength of the undead. For example, the summon ability is raising. While increasing, it also automatically decreases other stats (elegance, charm, luck, faith and morality). If one stays in the undead state for too long, the stat will increase overwhelmingly, and one won’t be able to come back…

Vitality [21] Also translated as health?
Willpower [22] Increases concentration. No matter how chaotic your surroundings are, one's skill success rate rises and failure rate of magic decreases. Damage in melee range increases too. For example, warriors, adventurers, or magicians strongly benefit from it and will admire those with outstanding willpower. It also speeds up growth of Fighting Spirit. Points can not be distributed to this stat. It will increase by itself based on character’s actions.
Wisdom [23] It affects efficiency of divine magic, rate of mana recovery & maximum level of mana.

New stat : first appareanceEdit

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