The second Arc of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. It is an arc began in volume 1 chapter 10 and ended in volume 2 chapter 9.

 Summary Edit

Weed, Pale, Surka, Romuna and Irene decided to party up and did quest [Punitive Force to Baran Village] together. But in the village, they abandon the current quest and take up another quest from the village elder, Ghandilva.

Later, Ghandilva requested Weed to build a Freya statue in the village. After he finished, Ghandilva then gave him another quest to retrieve Freya's sacred relic.

Weed and his party head to the City of Heaven, Lavias, to accomplish the quest. They learn a lot of things, acquire some other quest and explore new dungeons. Weed met Dain for the first time.

Achievement Edit


  • Gain huge amount of influence with the villagers of Baran Village when he rescue the villagers held prisoner by the lizardmen and built a statue of Goddess Freya.
  • Discovery of new dungeon : Memphis Hall
  • Learnt [[[Sculptural Destruction]] ]
  • Learnt Wine Brewing
  • Discovery of new dungeon : Bar Khan 's Crypt
  • Defeat Van Hawk .

Quest Completed Edit

  • The Calamity of Baran Village
  • The Statue of Goddess Freya
  • Lost Treasure of Freya
  • The Undead of Lavias

Item Obtained Edit

Include equipment, tools and worth-mentioned material.

  • Seed of Heavenly Tree
  • Hammer and Chisel for Sculpture
  • Worn Bloodstained Gloves
  • Boots of the Cold Ones
  • Clay Sword
  • Gray Cape of the Dead
  • Graham’s Steel Belt
  • Van Hawk’s Magic Helm
  • Kalamorian Sword
  • Crimson Necklace of Life [[[Necklace of the Death Knight]]]
  • Helain’s Grail

Title Earned Edit

  • Princess Knight (In real life)

Trivia Edit

  • Other than City of Heaven, City Under the Earth was also mentioned.
  • The Statue of Goddess Freya; It was the same quest taken by Seoyoon.
  • Weed learnt that the avians have very bad memory.

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