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Dain (also known in some translations as Daine or Da'in) is a high-level Shaman player in Royal Road. When Weed first met her, she was shown to have exceptional skill due to her unusual style of training. In the real world, she had a critical health situation that required a high-risk medical surgery for her to survive[1]. She is affiliated to the Hermes Guild and as a founding member, has special privileges given to her by the top leaders of the guild.[2]. Her character has long straight hair[3].

Profile and DataEdit

  • Name/Known as: Dain or Da'in
  • Species: Human[4]
  • Class/Profession: Shaman[5]
  • Status: Alive
  • Level: ?[6]
  • Affiliation: Hermes[7]
  • First appearance: She met Weed in the City of Heaven, inside the Cave of Dead Warriors, Lavias[8]

Stats and Skills Edit

  • Shamans could use white magic to cast buffs that increased Strength, Agility and Speed, and black magic to decrease enemy stats. They could use offensive spells and healing spells, counteract poison and dispel curses. They could also wield swords and maces, meaning they had some physical combat skills. In essence, they were the jack-of-all-trades class and performs as combat support role in a party. The Shaman class is unpopular because even if they have skill in many areas, none were outstanding[9].
  • A Shaman has low health stat, low vitality stat and magic stat lower than a Mage[10].


Skill List




  • As a Shaman she was able to wield a lot of weapons, like: sword, spear, axe, bow, hammer, sickle, chains, rope, and pickaxe[11].


  • Before and while playing Royal Royal, Dain was expected to have a major surgery, which could have resulted in her death[12].
  • She came to Lavias's Dungeon with her party, but she decided to leave them, probably because she could no longer face  it, due to her health issue[13].

Weed's first loveEdit

Before she met with Weed in Lavias's Dungeon, she was alone, on her own, for a long time, healing and attacking wandering undead. This resulted in having abnormally high shaman skill, and at the same time a relatively low level 134[14].

  • She built a closer relationship with Weed, hunting together[15]. Similar to Seoyoon and Weed's first adventures together. Later on, when Weed wanted to become her friend she told him about her need for a surgery which in turn, might prove fatal. In front of a saddened and shocked Weed, she reveals that it is thanks to the time spent together that she could make up her mind and go through with her decision. Dain left the game session, by logging out, after telling Weed that she hopes they would meet again and Weed was left alone in the dungeon. She did not come back, so he sculpted the Nameless Statues of Lavias as a remembrance of their experiences[16].
Dain the legendary m 95289


Dain eating

Eating Weed's food

  • After her heavy surgery and recovery at the hospital, Dain finally started playing RR again. She logged back into Lavias. She was deeply moved when she found Weed's sculpture but thought that it would be difficult to meet him[17].
Dain sculpture

Sculpture of Dain

  • She arrived to Morata searching for Weed after she heard about the Village of Morata and the Tower of Light [18]. She spent several months doing quests and joining parties in Morata[19].
  • Searching for Weed, she met up with his friends, when Irene was looking for the famous shaman Dain to help them with a quest, initially Dain was going to reject the offer but when Hwaryeong joined Irene, she was able to recognize her as the model for The Statue of Freya and a new way to reach Weed, so she accepted the proposal.

She was under a curse that made her changed her appearance, so she had a dark skin and tribal tattoos in her body[20].

  • As she had a conversation with Weed's friends, Yurin revealed that she was absolutely Weed's type. When they met again, due to the change in appearance (related to a previous curse she chose to not dispel), Weed acted as if he didn't recognize her[21].
  • After partying with their now common friends, Dain asked Weed if he had any lover, or anybody he likes. He simply said no. Then again, she quickly logged out, wounded. Weed, alone and sad, revealed to Yellowy that she was his first love. Dain, on her own, realized it too[22].

Hermes founding memberEdit

  • Later on, it is revealed that Dain is in fact a founding member of the Hermes Guild[23] and that the team that went up to Lavias[24], previously was Bard Ray and the other Hermes founding members. Originally there were 7 founding members, including Dain[25].
  • As a founding member of the Hermes guild, she is also given preferential treatment, receiving the best equipment, skills, hunting grounds and mercenaries. For example, she is systematically pro-actively contacted and asked if she needs or wants anything special[26].
  • She requested to become one of the lord of former Kallamore Kingdom and was granted Evaluk Castle[27], one of the most populated areas in the Kallamore Kingdom. It is strongly suspected that she wanted to take care of the NPC (she did the same thing with the undead in Lavias[28]). Thanks to her privileged status, she didn't need to pay taxes for the first three months.
  • When Dain arrived, riots where occurring due to excessive taxes and lack of public safety (frequent monster attacks). As the new lord, her first goal was to regain the residents’ trust[29].
  • She decided to cut all taxes and repaired the city walls and destroyed facilities, following Weed's example with the Vargo, Region & Citadel fortress. Like Weed, she also invested massively in art[30].
  • Thanks to her efforts stabilizing her territory, the confusion happening around the former Kallamore Kingdom didn't affected her, instead the resident were very loyal to her. She also had the best relation with merchants, so she invested in trading and made big profits. She even led her troops to swept through mountains and dungeons exterminating monsters and her level was very high[31]
  • After showing amazing results in the administration of Evaluk Castle territory, the Hermes Guild offered her to get more territories, which she accepted, so her rule expanded to cover 1/5 of the Kallamore Kingdom[32].

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