Purpose of this sculpture when Weed created this is unknown but most likely to increase the fighting potential for his army against the undead legion and his skills 

Background Edit

Weed created this sculpture to improve his levels before the undead army rise.

Description Edit

 the imposing appearance of a Dark Elf covered by the fire element that the Orcs immolate themselves with. 

Info Edit

A masterpiece!

An award for finishing the race of Dark Elves!To call this the work of a master sculptor is not enough! The savage battle loving Dark Elves that sometimes reveal their presence to the outside world. Compare the soul of these aggressive rogues to the plain elves.

Artistic value: 120

Special Attributes: Dark Elf health and Mana regeneration is increased by 3% during the day.

Movement speed increased by 25%

In addition, they are 5% faster when running.

Strength decreased by 10%.

Agility increased by 20%.

Intelligence increased by 10%.

Wisdom increased by 10%

Elf scouts have 1.5 times the view of the field and their skills are increased by one level higher.

Cannot stack with other sculptures.

Up to this moment, the number of masterpieces you have completed: 7

States Increased Edit

- Your proficiency in the sculpting skill has improved. - Fame has risen by 41. - Endurance has increased by 1. - Intellect has increased by 1. - Patience has increased by 3.

Location Edit

Land of Despair

Ref Edit

Vol 6 Ch 5 

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