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Dark gamer


Dark gamers are players who work online.  They are high level gamer. They earn money for a living through playing. Weed is one of them. Rich people or successful guilds can rent their services. After the founding of the Haven Empire, they tend to move to Arpen kingdom

Code of honour Edit

They have their own code of honour. Acting as mercenaries, they served faithfully the people who rented their service until the end of the contract They do NOT turn way from their mission, and refuse any sort of bribery (v?c?) They were politically neutral, but after the threat to their way of living by the Haven Empire, they went on the side of the Arpen kingdom

Political view and Emperor Quest Edit

They defend an open system where they can work freely, without being financialy over-pressured.

After the rise of the hermes Guild on the Central continent, they decided to unformally support the Arpen Kingdom (v30c10) which garanties their way of living. They invested themselves in solving all the difficult and unsolved quest in the library of the Arpen Kingdom, boosting it development even more.

Dark Gamer forumEdit

More to come (reference needed)

List of Dark gamersEdit

More to come. For now, search in the Other Players  section


Choi Joong Hoon




Lee Hyun / Weed




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