The new capital City of the Arpen kingdom. It was build with the contribution of almost a million people, in less than 6 month, along the second royal palace, after the victory against the Haven Empire and the destruction of the first royal palace. It's the new center of politics and commerce of the Arpen kingdom [1].


The construction was lead by the same team of architects than the Arpen royal palace, including Gaston, Pavo, and many others[2]. in particular, Pavo was was responsible for the roadmaping of street and buildings.

After the destruction of the Earth PalaceEdit

The architects gave the instruction[3] to:

  1. clean up the remnants of the Earth Palace.
  2. setting the boundaries for the construction of the buildings
  3. digging waterways, roads and even squares directly connected to the new Royal palace

But they only developed the basic outline for the future capital of the kingdom, because they were devoted to the reconstruction of the palace.

Build next to the new royal PalaceEdit

  • The new Arpen royal palace was directly connected to Dawn City through roads and square[4] and it contributed to a fierce competition between investors.


  • With almost a million of people investing and contributing to the construction of the new Dawn City, it was a very powerful start[5].

With the full support of Arpen's peopleEdit

  • At the beginning, 950,000 users of the Arpen Kingdom instantly committed to working on the construction site of the new capital[6].
  • Merchants, who made income through trading and investments, bought land owned by the kingdom in order to construct the buildings.
  • 300,000 shacks were completed in no time, with a fierce competition between tenants

A new political and economical center for the kingdom Edit

Morata had the basic shape of a village that grew due to settlers and tourists. It did not change, even after the construction of the Earth Palace; where everyone had in mind that the Dawn City would become the Arpen Kingdom’s new capital city. It brought a complete new perspective to the development of the City.

For example, new shants where of much better quality than in Morata[7]. - Each shant had a good overall quality, a solid roof and no leak either (not even water or insects could leak in) - Each shanty village also included a swimming pool.

Also, right from the start, the master plan from the capital included[8]:

  • Grand Buildings,
  • Guild offices,
  • Markets,
  • Sculptures,
  • Shants & residences,
  • Squares,
  • Stores,

And even

  • Swimming pools
  • Waterways,

More informationEdit

List of Grand buildingsEdit

Dawn City includes:

  • Royal palace

More to come


  • Settling of the orcs

There was a law in the Arpen Kingdom that orcs could only have 10 children. Still the orcs grew so fast that they soon occupied a large portion of the population. And it was the law of orcs to find a new habitat for their females and children. So they also came to Dawn City [9].

Internal Affair mode Edit

More to come[10]

windows 1Edit

More to come[11]

windows 2Edit

More to come[12]


  • The Bamboo Shoots Porridge unit, specialized in mining, did the general outline for the new capital. It was done in less than 2 hours[13].
  • Dawn city quickly became one of the 5 major starting point for beginners [14], with Morata.


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