Death Knight

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Death knight on horse

Death knight on horse



They are wandering undead and frightful opponent. "They are wandering around, never staying in any specific area" [1]. These undead warriors are at least intermediary level.

Their skills and powers continues to growth with their level.

First appearance in Lavia [2]

Special Skills Edit

  • Knight skills, from their previous life
  • Dark nature: It is adding damage to any non-undead enemy [3]
  • Dark magic [4]. Check Van Hawk

Weakness Edit

  • Bad eyesight

So gamers can hide in a corner whenever a Death Knight approach. But still, this is not limiting their listening nor smell skills.

  • Weak against holy magic

More featuresEdit

Necromancer magicEdit

Creating a death knight require level 3 Necromancer magic, as described in the Necromancer tome written by Bar Khan. They can evolved to a Doom Knight and reaching to a higher level as an Abyss Knight.

Saga of Van HawkEdit

For more information about Dark Knight, you can read about Van Hawk, Vice-captain of the Imperial Guard of the Kallamore Empire.


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