The Dojang


The master and his students

Korea's best DonjangEdit

Ahn Hyundo's Dojang has over 5000 members trainees of all levels. It's the best and most well-known dojang in the nation (Korea).

What people do NOT know is that all the older and/or official members of the dojang including the master, are also drop out from school.

They all wanted to learn about the way of the sword, instead of studying in class. 

The Master Edit

Ahn Hyundo/GeomchiEdit

Ahn hyun
  • Name: Ahn Hyundo
  • Gender: Male
  • Game Name: Geomchi/swordnoob
  • Class: Martial Artist

A 50 year old master swordsman known throughout Korea and the head of a dojang. Was the "World Swords Fighting Champion" for 4 consecutive years. Selected Lee Hyun as his successor without him knowing and taught him many things. Learned about "Royal Road" from Lee Hyun, which got him interested in playing. The rest of the dojang member had to follow him... 

The 3 circlesEdit

You have 3 circles of disciples following Ahn Hyundo.

  1. The first circle is Geomchi + the 4 instructors ( including Weed, as his first disciple).
  2. The second circle is the 500 official trainees, also called the Geomchis. All of them had to follow the master online.
  3. The third circle is the rest of the 5000 followers. Sang Chuan for example still belong to that group after 3 year of intensive training, where Weed, after one year became the Master's official disciple. v9c8 Those followers were NOT invited to Royal Road.

Instructors (first circle)Edit

They are Ahn Hyundo's four assistants. They take care and manage the 500 trainees. They also have the special mission to support their Master in training and taking care of Weed's sword skill. Even if he is not an instructor, Weed should be considerered as the fifth and a special member of this inner circle. 

Chung Il Hoon/Geomchi2Edit

  • Name: Chung Il Hoon
  • Gender: Male
  • Game Name: Geomchi2/swordnoob2
  • Class: Martial Artist

One of the instructors from Ahn Hyundo's Dojang. He has won the silver medal for the "Worldwide Sword Fighting Tournament" twice. Was the second of the Geomchi's to get a girlfriend.

During the time the party ventured into the Vampire Kingdom, Cha Eunhee/Seechwi fell for him because he showed her kindness even though Seechwi looked as an orc. He was very surprised to find out that she was both beautiful and well educated.

Ahn Hyundo describes him as a person that cares for the well-being of his boys. A deep and caring brother who knows how to treat his trainees. He is capable of skillfully strike through the enemy’s defenses on a weak points like the joints, eyes, or the neck, without taking damage. v8c2

Choe Jongbeom/Geomchi3Edit

  • Name: Choe Jongbeom
  • Gender: Male
  • Game Name: Geomchi3/swordnoob3
  • Class: Martial Artist

Not much is known about this instructor. Ahn Hyundo describes him as a person that is similar to Geomchi2 but less skilled. A person that knows how to fight and can read the flow of the battle and make good judgments in harsh situations.

Ma Sangbeom/Geomchi4Edit

  • Name: Ma Sangbeom
  • Gender: Male
  • Game Name: Geomchi4/swordnoob4
  • Class: Martial Artist

Not much is known about this instructor. Ahn Hyundo describe him as a person that has a strong competitive spirit; he is fast and tough to catch. This can be a good thing though his impatience sometimes gets the better of him.

Roi Lee/Geomchi5Edit

  • Name: Roi Lee
  • Gender: Male
  • Game Name: Geomchi5/swordnoob5
  • Class: Martial Artist

Not much is known about this instructor. Ahn Hyundo describe him as a person that relies on his strength instead of an all rounder type of fighter.

The martial artist classEdit

All Geomchi belongs to the Martial Artist hidden class. In fact, they are the embodiment of this class.


A unique specialisation. 

  • First apperance : v7
  • Access to the class: 
  • Class description:
  • Special skill:
  • Related quest: 

More to come

The 500 official trainees (Second circle)Edit

The official trainees are 500.

They have to be considered as the Dojang best trainee and with a higher potential in martial art. One, out of ten trainees, is considered worthy to be included in this second circle. It's an honor. v9c8 They all have to live by the moto: "Either you die fighting or you die fighting hunger" (v4c2).

Description Edit

All the trainees have things in common, like :.

In real life Edit

  • Real macho men, living with dignity and pride
  • Truly dedicated to the sword
  • Strong, tough and capable of intensive training
  • Can keep a strict food diet, but often don't know how to cook (v4c4)
  • Not very good at socializing
  • Writing skill often at the level of a child (v6c2) or a teen
  • Clueless about media and consumer trends 
  • Clumsy with girl, if not scary
  • No girl friend
  • Other goal in life: get a girlfriend, even if it's an orc female. But it's better if she knows how to cook (v6c2) 


  • Barley Bread save their life (v3c9), more than once.
  • They eat and drink without restrain in RR ( having to follow a very strict diet in real life) and are very fond of Weed's food, especially meat and alcohol (v7c4 for example). 
  • Harsh, reckless, their fist acting 3-4 faster than their words (v5c8)
  • Protective of women, any woman, even orcs females, to the point of being chivalrous.
  • Learned to apologize with sincerity and pride in front of a woman (v7c8)

Ingame collective achievementEdit

They achieved many results ingame. Here is a list of their achievements: 

  • They all finished the beginner training center (v3c9).
  • They all died trying to hunt a green dragon
  • They all died to their first surprise attack with magic from the Ica/Jamaica guild (v4c6)
  • They all left their previous profession for the high tier martial artist class, at level 220 (v5c6)
  • Received a class related quest to challenge their sword skill and chivalrous spirit(v5c6) 
  • They all have reached advance mastery in Sword combat skill, their major.
  • Most of them have achieved complete mana management skill
  • Their average level has surpassed lvl380 in less than a year.
  • Most of them, if not all, have mastered the sword cloning skill. They were taugh by Master Ash.
  • Most of them are close to advance level 6 and are, therefore, almost ready to begin their master quest. v27c6
  • Half of them digged out the treasure of the pallos Empire and quickly took over a even larger number of ghosts v43c9
  • Storming the Haven kingdom in Arpen occupied territories v43c9

Ingame individual achievement Edit

Not much is said of them in detail. But each of their swordstyle is different v8c5 A few noticeable exception :

Geomchi 16Edit

First of the Geomchi's to have a girlfriend. During the battle with the Bone Dragon during the Northern Expedition Arc he died protecting a female priest that later added him to her friends list. Their relationship outside the game is unknown.

Geomchi 101Edit

He has good eyesight from archery and gives the signal to attack at the Earth palace battle. v41c3

Geomchi 101Edit

He killed the merchant Donjulle who bought land from Hermes RP in the North and brought NPC slaves to help him succeed in the North. Geomchi taught his students that honor should be above money. And it became the origin of the new Geomchi war name: the Kill Without Asking porridge unit. v40c2

Geomchi 49 & 116Edit

Seeing how new players are unaware on how to mine, spontaneously started working with them on the Tomb project in Serabourg (v5c6). Later on, working hard for free on selene's house and other beautiful NPC women, it opened up the hidden martial art class. 

Geomchi 121Edit

He was the one to deliver the final to the lich Bar Khan. Therefore he is the one who actually killed it. v?c?

Geomchi 195Edit

He digged for the treasure of the past, treasure from the Pallos Empire, and even killed ghost with a shovel. v43c9

Geomchi 200Edit

He created a new sword technique: “Chain Wave Sword”, which was able to cut through 14 people at once, with 1 wave. v41c3


He discovered the graffiti dedicated to Weed on the wall of Morata v43c9

Geomchi 280Edit

Appears during Bar Khan subjugation arc (The Vargo Fortress attack). He is the one who reached the highest level within the second circle.

Geomchi 198, 328 & 348Edit

Left messages by most of the Geomchi, master and trainers included, under Dain's sculptures, made by Weed in Lavia's dungeon, v6c2 Their messages were quoted: Hungry, looking dow on monsters, looking for a girlfriend (which knows how to cook is a must)

Geomchi 420 Edit

He is among the (few) educated students. After graduating junior high school, he received a scholarship to high school, but barely graduated. In Royal Road, he reached level 450 at the Earth palace battle. He dreams of becoming able to catch a dragon (v41c3)

Geomchi 449Edit

He is fond of hunting and deer meet. At lvl 200, he challenged a paladin of lvl280, without any armor, because "A true swordsman only needs a sword. Armour will just be a burden.” (v7c1)

Geomchi 489Edit

He is a promising academic genius, who won various mathematicla championship (v27c9) and truly enjoy the way of the sword.

Geomchi 505Edit

He was the first to met a mysterious NPC swordmaster wearing a cape and a light armor. He challenges all the Geomchi to experience the broad world around them, then to come back to defeat him. For he will guide them to true strength. (v6c2)

The 5000 trainees (third circle)Edit

Not much is known about them. They train a lot and even study martial art at University as major. But they were not selected as official trainee. And therefore where not invited to access RR.

For example :Sang Chuanstill belong to that group after 3 year of training, where Weed, after one year became the Master's official disciple. v9c8

They all know about Lee Hyun, and have strict guideline to follow when they meet him, to avoid any misplaced behavior... 

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