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"Dragons are classified as the ultimate monster of a fantasy continent"[1]. They probably are some of the most fearsome monster of RR. 


They are considered as the strongest figure of the Central Continent. All dragon have "powerful, vibrant magical attacks, an incredible breath attack and colossal defense" [2].. Their power depends on their age and experience.

  • Breath Attack
  • Heavy stomping, clawing & biting
  • Charging while flying
  • Magic

Dragon informationsEdit

  • Known dragons There are many dragon subspecies, and even magically crafted undead dragon. Here are the dragons that have already been seen or heard about:
    • Black Dragon: The Black Dragon is like all other dragons, very prideful. Its body exceeds 300 meters in length and it grows a beard from it's head. The Ancient Black Dragon Ausollet may be the strongest dragon alive[3]. Another Black Dragon is Cominad, also known as Kerminade[4].
    • Blue Dragon: "A dragon with a size of over 150 meters and capable of a powerful ice breath" [5], like Binryong, commonly known as an Ice Dragon: Another blue dragon is Ratuas, he gave a sculpting quest to Weed[6].
    • Green Dragon: The old green dragon Biakis, protector of the forest, appears for the first time. He kills all the Geomchis with his breath[7].  
    • Red Dragon: Weed is owning the legendary Dragon Sword, Red Star , which belongs to an ancient and mysterious red dragon, Zenfest[8]. Therefore he is sometimes afraid to use it[9].
    • Silver Dragon: The ancient dragon Yuskellanda, Silver Dragon, owner of Yuskellanda's mirror[10].
    • Undead dragon: The Undead dragon, or Bone Dragon  is not a real living dragon, and he is weaker than an ancient dragon. Still, it's the strongest of all the undead beasts. Five have been spotted so far, within the game, Weed temporary undead dragon transformation in Las Phalanx included. One of these Bone Dragon was Kurenberg[11].


  • Dragon Knight: we know that the class Dragon Knight exist, after Weed was offered the class change, which he refused[12].
  • Thor Kingdom: there are 5 dragons[13].. The most famous and troublesome is the ancient black dragon Akryong Kaybern. His tremendous fighting spirit and his greed are legendary.