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On the central continent,dungeons are scattered everywhere, and strong monsters abounded [1].


A dungeon can become a large source of income for a guild or a Royal family, especially if it has interesting features for adventurers and, if the guild is powerful enough to secure the commercial rights[2].

  • A good example of a Dungeon Management by a guild is the Melbourne Mine managed by the Black Lion Guild [3]
  • Another example is the Gold mine near the formos Castle in the Tullen Kingdom[4]. It describes the entrance fee : Entering cost 1000 gold and 25% of the income. The Gold mine was an important income for the Tullen kingdom's Royal family.

  • In the land of the South
  • A dungeon's solitary window
  • An open jail door
  • Going deeper
  • An underground drain
  • Around the corner
  • Lost temple
  • Closed door
  • Light in the dark
  • Jail door
  • Underground

Dungeon InformationEdit

Here is an incomplete list of Dungeons that where mentioned throughout Royal Road

Atarog's lair Edit

An underground dungeon dedicated to dark magic, where the Tullen Royal family hide many secrets [5]. Warlock could use the facilities in the cave for spell research and learn special magic. They where not attacked by the msonters.

Basra Dungeon Edit

(바스라 마굴) [6] An underground dungeon with 4 floors, full of thieves-monsters and the last boss is a Dark Mage with Necromancer skills. "In the past a family of nobles used to live in the lands of Basra. They were strongly objecting the integration into the British Confederacy"[7]. Weed finished the deepest part (fourth floor) with Zephyr and Hwaryeong[8].

Black servant Dungeon Edit

A dungeon that Weed finished, while using sculpture transformation[9], with his sculptural lifeforms.

Chekram Dungeon Edit

A dungeon close to the Valley of Wind[10]

Favlo's Mountain DenEdit

A dungeon discovered by the Geomchis [11], near the Vargo Fortress & near the Kana Barbarian tribe.

Gold mine dungeon near Formos Castle Edit

One of the 5 best gold mine of the Central Continent [12]. It is a great dungeon, under Haven's control, where Weed provocatively hunted down high level Hermes users, with the help of some of his Sculptural Lifeforms.

Highland Magician’s DungeonEdit

It is a great dungeon in the old Britten Alliance Kingdom or Lasalle Kingdom, under Haven control, where Weed hunted high level Hermes users, with his sculptural lifeforms[13].

Illeicha Mountain Edit

A dungeon that Weed finished, with his sculptural lifeforms, while using Sculptural Shapeshifting[14].

Jubelin Dungeon Edit

Korean: 쥬벨린 던전. A place Bard Ray hunted through, and where he learned about weed being the 'wargod' he failed against in his previous game world. Located in the Haven Kingdom[15].

King Suna's TombEdit

Abundant in traps and is haunted by Ancient Mummies. It was not a place where even high level users could carelessly enter. Due to the scale of the tomb, aside from the grand entrance, the place has not been excavated. This includes the resting place of King Suna and his Queen.[16]

Kingdom Fortress Edit

An underground labyrinth that Weed finished, while using Sculptural Shapeshifting, with the help of some of his Sculptural Lifeforms[17].

Kramado dungeonEdit

Korean: 크라마도 던전

  • A dungeon [18], in the Dale Kingdom.
  • Consists of three underground level
  • First discovered by Bella, Hegel, Nide, Rumi, Selsia and Twitter.
  • Known monsters :
  • Trivia : Kramado Dungeon's 3rd floor basement been mapped for the first time by Thief Nide.

Litvar's LairEdit

An underground dungeon with five floors[19]; require 3 (game) hours on horseback to get there from the Rosenheim Kingdom. The legacy of Geihar von Arpen was hidden there in a secret chamber.

Lavias's underground DungeonsEdit

Lavia is a small flying island, but with many dungeon. It was a former part of Bar Khan territory. Therefore, most of the dungeon are mostly filled with Undead

  • Memphis Hall (Weed and his Party were the 1st people to discover it[20])
  • Mirkan Tower (Weed and Dain were the 1st people to discover it)
  • Secret Area of Pan Lake (Weed and Dain were the 1st people to discover it)
  • Baravall Coal Mine (Weed and Dain were the 1st people to discover it)
  • Segmail Vista (Weed and Dain were the 1st people to discover it, was not explored)
  • Gaet Altar (Weed and Dain were the 1st people to discover it)
  • Parrot Nest
  • Barlog Ruins (Weed and Dain were the 1st people to discover it, was not explored)
  • Sealed Cave of Margres the Destroyer (was not explored)
  • Bar Khan’s Crypt (also called Barecan crypt, Weed is the 1st person discover to it, 1st encounter with the Death Knight Van Hawk and defeat him for a quest)

Lich Shire's DungeonEdit

In the forest of Karaka [21], in the plain of despair. To get access, you have to beat the King Snake , a regular Boss Monster. Other name : The rotten Lich Dungeon <ref[[>Volume 8 Chapter 6]]</ref>. First to enter: Weed, and his friends. The dungeon could have around 6000 monsters left in it [22].

Melbourne Mine & Belkain’s LairEdit

A 4 level dungeon [23] belonging to the Black Lion Guild; lvl 1-3 are open to users (with entrance fee), lvl 4 is restricted to BLG users only. Monsters are at level 380. You can find monsters, like Menchuras and Ghosts at level 3. The Red Belkain's lair is a well hidden and large dungeon cave within the level 4. Monsters there are at level 440. Boss type monsters at level 620+

Pestor Cave Edit

(페스터 동굴) or Peschiera Cave, is a low-leveled hunting ground for beginners near Tamrin Village in Britten Alliance[24].

Rotten Foaming SwampEdit

A great hunting ground, done by Weed after Atarog's lair, with the help of his sculptural lifeforms [25].

Seal of Vulcan Edit

In the 4 races original sanctuary, hidden in the dwarven part. To get access, you first have to find the Origin city (Weed's Sculptor quest), then to enter the underground level, filled with ghouls and grave robbers. And then, in it's deepest part, appears the core of this named Dungeon, filled with vulcan demons[26].

Sebas Maze Edit

An underground maze that Weed finished, with his sculptural lifeforms, while using sculpture transformation[27].

Shield TombEdit

It is a great dungeon in the old Britten Alliance Kingdom or Lasalle Kingdom, under Haven control, where Weed hunted high level Hermes users, with the help of his sculptural lifeforms,[28].

Spanker's DungeonEdit

Korean: 스팽커의 던전. Originally there was a dungeon in the place where the shack was built in Morata. It was a massive dungeon...[29].

Spider dungeon (Unnamed)Edit

Its close to Serabourg. It's full of various Spider type. The upper level are accessible to low level players. It was a nasty experience for Pale who dislike spiders[30].

Syaspen MineEdit

It is a dungeon seething with monsters. A Dwarf artisan in Kuruso said that good quality rubies can be found there. For the 13th stage of his Sculptor Master Quest, Weed collected a large share of rubies in this mine to complement the sapphires of his Emperor Geihar Von Arpen sculpture [31].

Tenbain Edit

Korean: 텐바인. An unknown dungeon in the north[32]. The Predators of the Land Guild opened the S class quest about the revival of the Embinyu Army here.

Tomb of the scorpion KingEdit

Korean: 벨소스 왕 의유적. This dungeon, also called King Belsos Tomb is a dangerous place. It was responsible for the destruction of the Crimson Wing Guild and a heat wave of epic proportion over all the Continent. Weed was send to this dungeon by the dragon Akryong Kaybern [33]. On the Map, it is called King Versos’s Ruins and its in the south of Norton Kingdom. 

Valkyrie’s Secret BaseEdit

It is a great dungeon in the old Britten Alliance Kingdom or Lasalle Kingdom, under Haven control, where Weed hunted high level Hermes users, with his sculptural lifeforms[34].

Wancheonhan FortressEdit

Close to the Poros castle in the Tullen kingdom [35]. The best hunting ground of the central continent around lvl 400. After Haven Empire's conquest of the Tullen kingdom, it was a dungeon exclusive for Hermes users[36] that was raided by Weed and his allies.


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