Dwarf warrior oberon



One of playable race race, with many classes. Also dwarves, like elves and humans are limited to 3 area of expertise[1].


A brave race, which only fears the wrath of dragons.

. They have a strong affinity for ale and alcohol.


They live in the Thor Kingdom, a 600 years old Kingdom[2] (v13c8), protected by an alliance with the 5 dragons. More is told in [3] about the origin of the 4 races & about the offering to the dragons. v27c8 The dwarves tribes still hopes to get free.

Race features


Strong affinity to crafter-related profession and warriors.  They have inherited of various strong point.

  • Excel in handicraft related stat.
  • Normally, handicraft stat need to be obtained as craft-related profession. As example, ordinary human blacksmiths and cooks need to be Intermediate level in their skill to obtain handicraft, but dwarves have this stat since activation of account.
  • Indirectly, with handicraft skill, they are race with high proficiency in any crafting-related class such as Smithing, Tailoring, Repair, Painting, Sculpting etc.
  • For combat, they also receive small bonus in strength and stamina.


The downsides are : They are short, and therefore are penalized at horse riding, spell casting and advance combat skill.

Famous NPC

  • Art hand, the greatest dwarf sculptor ever [4] et [5]
  • Einhand, elder of Thor Kingdom [6]

More to come


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