The Emperor Quest 


A unique quest for the most talented players, the one Royal Road's name is pointing at: to lay the foundation of a new EmpireIn the history of the Continent, it only happened twice (previous Empire). 

So it's the Ultimate challenge for every elite user.

The requirement are far more difficult than for the master path, where the stakes are already very high. Indeed, it's the ultimate quest and it will have major implications, both for Continent and also, in real life, because the player to become Emperor will also inherit control over the AI who manages Unicorn Co. and the various assets it controls around the world. 

Information related to the Emperor questEdit

What we know so far:

  • Information related to the Emperor quest is often linked to chained A or S level quests. Therefore, they require exceptional gamer skill.
  • The starting requirements of those quests are very well hidden.
  • Major information is hidden in the various forbidden zones, which are life threatening zones even for high level users.
  • They may also require exceptional user skill to access, and often require class specific skills (for example: restoring the Emperor seal require the skill of an expert sculptor). 
  • The unique Legendary Moonlight Sculptor class has a special connection with the Emperor Quest, for Geihar von Arpen was the first NPC to become Emperor and he did so through sculpting. 
  • There is a link between the fall of previous Empire and the Embinyu Cult.

Requirements to start an EmpireEdit

Golden Bird  gave Weed the answers to that question and was beaten for that. (v21c1)

The requirement to start an Empire Edit

  1. Approval of the Versailles Gods. Approval of the Gods from at least 3 Churches. 
  2. Approval of various tribes. Must have citizens of more than five different species (barbarian, dwarf, elf, human, orc)
  3. Must be free of all human sin. If the notoriety is too high, no Knights or Nobles will be able to follow the user.
  4. Need to have vast territories and a huge population. At least 10 million subjects.
  5. A high level of public order and numerous guildsIn order for the population to quickly raise their skills and hobby levels, which allow the public order stat to rise, numerous guilds needs to be established within the Empire. 
  6. A high level of public safety. The ruler must eradicate the surrounding lands of monsters periodically in order to increase the security of subjects, but also support the development of farmers and trade. 
  7. A strong and highly capable military force. The ruler must gather at least 500 elite knights and 30,000 heavily armed soldiers.
  8. High level Religious facilities.
  9. High level of artistic and cultural satisfaction. It will be needed to develop the higher art and craftsmen skills.
  10. High-quality material resources, especially iron to sustain economic and military growth.
  11. High level of roads and a travel system. There must be open roads in order to travel easily between cities so that the traders will have the maximum travel efficiency and therefore be able to establish solid commercial trade routes.


It is interesting to notice that in this version of the requirement, there was no specific mention of Magic whatsoever, where combat magic is a powerful ingredient of a military force.

The new Emperor will take over the ContinentEdit

Final requirement to finish the Emperor Quest 

There is 1, 2 or 3 Empire that could raise. Embinuy Cult, Hermes and may be Arpen. But, in the end, only one can prevail (v?c?). One way or another, there can be only one Emperor to rule over the whole Continent. So to truly achieve the Emperor quest, the requirements to start an Empire are still not enough... the new Emperor will have to subjugate all other powers of the Continent under his iron might, on top of maintaining the aforementioned requirements. (v?c?)

Unicorn new shareholderEdit

The PC that will take over the Emperor title and become the one who rule over all the other kingdom will have had achieved the final quest of the game. Not only will he becomes the most famous player from the an unique and most famous virtual game in the world. But he will also benefit from a very special transfer of property: the control over the AI managing RR (v?c?).

A future powerful leader in the real World ?Edit

He will inherit the full control over the AI that manages Royal Road, but also multiple financial, and industrial assets of this powerful Company, all over the world. And a share of the income that the company makes. This being said, the real power behind this AI is still unknown. We only know that it is capable to defend the company interest against powerful financial american Mogul (v?c?) 

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