The time line of the Central Continent includes multiples Empires. Past Empires left behind hidden legacies resources and dungeons for players. They are actively searched by gamers. The time line has yet to be cleared.


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Empire informationsEdit

It is interesting to notice that :

  • Some Empire are system generated, some others are made through gamers
  • Some Empire have been created in the past, some are actual
  • Some are related to one person, some are related to a dynasty
  • Some failed to fully achieve that status, some other failed to hold to that status

In the end, all of them, on a long enough time line, all are doomed to fall.

List of EmpiresEdit

Arpenian Empire (first) Edit

Some information about the first Empire :

  • The length of existence of The Arpenian Empire is unknown, but under Emperor Geihar von Arpen, the empire successfully expanded its territory to cover all of the Versailles Continent.
  • The fall of the Arpenian Empire happened roughly 1000 years ago[1].
  • The collapse of the empire may have been due to the decline in the central power of the empire, after Geihar von Arpen dismissed all of his living sculptures.
  • The collapse also may have been the result of Geihar von Arpen refusing to appoint his successor, though this is just speculation.
  • From a single empire covering the entire continent, it fell and divided into several kingdoms. 
  • Geihar Von Arpen left two Seals of the Empire: the Silver Bird seal, and the Seal of the Emperor seal. The latter being restored by Weed.
  • Geihar also left various living sculptures behind, some of which are alive to this day. His master quest led Weed to reclaim more and more of this long lost legacy.

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Haven Empire (actual) Edit

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Kallamore Empire (more than 600 years ago) Edit

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Niflheim Empire Edit

Some informations

  • After the fall of the Arpenian Empire, the Niflheim Empire was established in the Northern Continent.
  • The gap between the downfall of the Arpenian Empire and the establishment of the Niflheim Empire is unclear, but the Niflheim Empire reigned over several centuries.
  • The idea of this empire was to expand its territory over the entire continent. They considered the Arpenian Empire their role model.
  • Throughout its reign, the empire kept searching for artifacts and relics of the lost Arpenian Empire.
  • The Niflheim empire possessed a very strong military as well as great political power, but their fall was, presumably, due to the corruption of the leading class.[2]
  • It is suspected that the mysterious Embinyu cult was, at least, partially responsible for the downfall. It was proven that they were responsible for the death of the last Emperor, Eben Niflheim VI, described as an outstanding Knight and Warrior. Hedied in the Sendeim Valley.[3]
  • For over 100 years, due to the destructive nature of the evil Embinyu Cult, nobody knew the real reason of the Niflheim Empire's collapse. But Weed, through his quest, revealed the true nature of the Embinyu conspiracy to other players.

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The Niflheim Empire ruled over a large portion of the Northern Continent, where as the Arpenian Empire succeeded in conquering the Versailles Continent in it's entirety. Though the Niflheim Empire did not conquer the entirety of the Northern Continent, it was definitely more powerful than any other traditional kingdom present at the time and thus reserved the right to be called an "Empire". Both fell and left behind tremendous resources and magic for players to find.

Pallos Empire (600 years ago)Edit

It was created by Weed during one of his time travelling quest, where he fought and won the battle against the Embinyu Church of destruction.

Other Empire candidates Edit

  • Raum Kingdom almost became an Empire [4]


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