Silver skin

Sculptural lifeform (silver)


She is a female sculptural lifeform and a priest created by Weed. Among the 48 sculptural lifeforms, as a priest type, she is dedicated to healing and blessing.


She is particularly beautiful, with 2 blue eyes, made out of sapphire. She is made out of pure silver and her skin shines in the sun. Her look is similar to a silver counterpart of Goldman. Her voice is melodious.

Her personality is humble and dedicated but strong too. 

Profile and dataEdit

  • Gender: Female
  • Class: Priest
  • Level: 417 [1]
  • Status: Game World, Alive
  • Creator : Weed
  • First appearance: [2]


Four attributes have been given:

  • Metal Property (100%),

It means that a lot of magic can be ignored. Pure silver is a physical material that is excellent for defense and magic resistance.

  • Faith Property (100%),

Faith won’t be shaken and sometimes divine magic can create a special miracle.

  • Foresight Property (100%),

It gives the ability to see hidden or invisible things.

  • Resurrection Property (100%).

If she dies, her divine magic has the ability to revive her once.


Weed's life bestowal Edit

Life has been given to the sculpture.

  • Cost : 262 Mana has been used. Level has fallen by 2. Stats have been reduced by 10.
  • The Art stat is permanently reduced by 6 points. The reduced stats can be supplemented with other sculpture or art related activities.
  • Skill efficiency has increased so the level and stats consumed has been reduced by 20%.
  • Based on performing a religious miracle, the level penalty is reduced by 25%. The ability of the sculpture will depend on the 3,377 art stat and has been converted to 522 points. The level is adjusted to 417.


  1. Volume 43 Chapter 10
  2. Volume 43 Chapter 10

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