The sculpture of a perfect and flawless beauty, made out of silver, blessed by Hestia. A fine piece (number: 143) which Weed used for Sculptural Life Bestowal.  He named her Eun-sook. The statue's silver was given by Goldman.


A eulogy to beauty. A pure and noble statue. The value of fully refined silver has raised its sanctity. The poets of the Versailles Continent will talk about it. “A perfect and flawless beauty that God allowed.” The grace of Hestia of the Hearth has been granted.

  • Number of Fine pieces completed: 143
  • Artistic Value: 3,194.

Special OptionsEdit

Female Priest of the Church of Lugh benefits the viewer:

  • All stats increase by 12.
  • Faith stat increase by 50.
  • Accounting skills of merchants increase by 1.
  • An adventurer’s art appraisal skill increase by 1.
  • Priests of the Lugh and Hestia religions permanently gain 5 faith stats.
  • Blessings and treatment skills of the priests increase by 2 stages at night.
  • Maximum health, defense skills and magic resistance increase.
  • Increase health and mana regeneration by 30% for a day.

The effect doesn’t overlap with other sculptures.


  • First appearance: [1].
  • Material used: silver and blue sapphires for the eyes.
  • Weed was looking for a high level priest in his team, while hunting Hermes players on Central continent. Goldman was looking for a wife. He gave the silver to Weed.
  • Weed bonus:
    1. Skill proficiency of Sculpting has improved.
    2. Skill proficiency of Handicraft has improved.
    3. Fame has increased by 630.
    4. Art has increased by 16.
    5. Charm increased by 11.

As a result, Weed was also blessed by Lugh

  • Faith stat has increased by 21