One of the Grand Buildings that Weed builted in the North to help Morata grow.

Location Edit

It was designated to be built outside the gates of Morata.

Builting Cost Edit

Forge of Hestia!
The Dwarves liked the warmth of Goddess Hestia’s embrace just like a furnace.
They built a very large forge to extract iron from iron ore and named it the Forge of Hestia.
Sometimes when the blacksmiths are smashing the iron, little sparks which were said to be blessings from Hestia would come and emerge.
The items made in this place is said to contain with special powers.
Construction Cost: At least 950,000 gold
Construction period of at least five months.
The construction period may increase depending if there’s any accidents with the personnel involved.
The Architects who participated in this work will be able to get a unique experience.
A number of blacksmiths have to be mobilized.
Blacksmiths who participated in the work would be able to get the opportunity to learn about fire.
Once the Forge of Hestia is completed, you will receive a gift from a blacksmith

Stats Edit

The Grand Building Hestia’s Forge has been completed.

Total construction period: 4 months and 26 days.

Cost of construction: 2,211,002 gold and 35 silver.

Number of construction staff who participated: 428,883 people

Building value: 142,329

More staff participated in the construction as planned so it finished 7 days faster.

Blacksmiths can extract iron from iron ore more quickly.

When an object is created with the Blacksmith skill, an additional effect of +3% attack and +11% defense will be added.

Items filled with Hestia’s power can be created.

The Dwarf settlement rate has improved.

The satisfaction of dwarfs living in Morata will increase.

Ref Edit

Volume 27 Chapter 6

Volume 28 Chapter 10

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