The Garden of the Gods is a major attraction and a Holy Site on the Northern Continent. It was built to celebrate the founding of the Arpen Kingdom in the north. The Gods and Goddesses portrayed in the Garden were rediscovered by Weed in Ratzeberg. A lot of people had believed in those gods until they had been forgotten. The garden is free to enter and there are temples built to honor each god.

Location Edit

The Garden of the Gods location was a wide wasteland where not even a single blade of grass grew. The distance was so great that the walls and buildings of Morata could not be seen[1].

Description Edit

The Elves planted wildflowers and flowers that represented each god. There exists a temple to each along with images portraying them. The marble temples also give off a luxurious atmosphere and there is a square and a lake inside of the Garden.

A performance venue was also placed on one side. It would be difficult to make a disturbance in a place with sculptures of gods but the performances told legends and stories associated with the gods. Once songs of praise were sung, the Garden of the Gods became even more famous.

The Garden has 2 Magnum Opus, 3 Masterpieces, 7 Fine pieces, and numerous Historic, Religious and Giant sculptures.

Gods and Goddess Edit

  • Hestia

The first sculpture Weed made in the Garden of the Gods.

The statue of the Goddess Hestia has been born.

Hestia has defended the Versailles Continent since ancient times. She is in charge of the family hearth and loves creative abilities.
Her statue was destroyed in a war so her existence is only known in the dwarven and human records.
The restoration of a Goddess Hestia statue will have a great religious significance to the dwarves on the Versailles Continent.
The completion of the first Statue of Goddess Hestia has been recorded in history.

Thos who admire the Statue of Goddess Hestia will have health and mana regeneration and vitality increased by 35% for a day.

The effect of spirit magic and attack skills will increase by 11%.
This is a religious statue so the Faith stat will permanently increase by 7.
Sculptors, Bards, and Painters will have their Art stat permanently increase by 9.
Goddess of Hestia's blessings will irregularly be given to artist professions.
The ability of humans and dwarves to deal with fire has improved by 13%.
There is a 4% chance for a magician's fire magic to have an unquenchable effect.
The Art stat has permanently increased by 6 due to the creation of an ancient work of art.

  • Turoche, God of Travel and Time
  • Orc God
The Orc's religion has been born.

The Orc's vengeful thoughts and culture will expand.

  • God of Barbarians
The Barbarian's religion has been born.

If they come to the temple then they will obtain a strong power.
The degree of friendship with the Arpen Kingdom has risen.

  • Galeria
The statue of the God Galeria has been born.

The Conqueror God! This God disappeared once peace came to the Versailles Continent.
Galeria likes war and territory expansion and will grant blessings to those fighting against Barbarians and monsters.
His followers cause war so they don't get along with the followers of the other gods.
When praying to him, the power of humans and orcs will increase.

A statue of the God Galeria!

He once again became known through the hands of Sculptor Weed. The stones statue of Galeria would have significant religious meaning.
A stone statue of Galeria has been completed for the first time in recorded history.

After admiring the statue of Galeria, health and mana regeneration will increase by 16% for one day.

The religious sculpture will permanently increase Faith by 6.
Humans and Orcs can now handle heavy weapons more comfortably.
Morale in battle will increase.
The Art stat has permanently increased by 6 due to the creation of an ancient work of art.

If a King or Lord who believes in Galeria causes a war or conquest, the fighting spirit of their soldiers will increase.

Movement speed of the army and supply units will increase.
Residents in a war who follow Galeria will have their fatigue decrease.
Kings who cause a war can gain popular support even if the resident's loyalty is low.
More experience will be gained when fighting a bunch of monsters and Barbarians.
When defeated in a battle and the territory is taken away, they will lose faith in the God.
The divine benefits from Galeria will be at least 3 times more if many tributes are offered to him.
God Galeria will have more influence over a kingdom than individuals.

  • God Batalli
  • Lugh
  • Freya
The statue of the Goddess Freya has been born.

She is the goddess of beauty and abundance. The goddess exerts a lot of influence on humans.
The work of a renowned sculpture has expressed her beauty.
By rebranding a work from the past, the Church of Freya will consider this sculpture more valuable.

Friendship with the Church of Freya is now 54.

Contribution to the Church of Freya has increased by 960.
You can now confirm your contribution points with a religious order under the Religion window.
Total Contribution Points with the Church of Freya : 21,291.
The contribution points to the related religious orders would rise once related quests were accomplished.
The Church of Freya has a cathedral so if the residents faith increases then the contribution point would rise steadily every day.
The King or Lord can also get major benefits.

  • 24 unnamed Gods and Goddess

Storyline Edit

Approximately 100,000 users followed Weed, picked up materials and went to the site of the Garden of the Gods. It's a wasteland quite a distant away from Morata. They brought stones from the mountains to the work site. He set a working area where 32 sculptures will be placed, it was such a massive project that he decided to recruit disciples.

Weed wants a disciple. Hello!
Sculptor Weed is working with a friendly atmosphere in the wasteland. He is looking for disciples to trim the sculptors together.
Every day 21 hours will be spent creating the sculptor and 3 hours running errands.
Anyone can apply.
4 copper per hour.
However, the probationary period is 3 days and only half of the salary will be paid.
If you receive an injury while making the sculpture then it will be bandaged.
No days off.
No additional pay will be given for working at night.
Hospitality : Grass porridge will be provided as a meal 3 times a day and you can lay down anywhere in the workshop to sleep.
There will be rabbit soup twice a month for dinner. However, you need to catch the rabbit directly.
Always recruiting.
People with experience in sculpting preferred. It doesn't matter if you are novices. People with sincerity rather than talent will be preferred.

The worst working conditions but the lure of working on such project and with a sculptor such as Weed there was no shortage of people. From beginners to senior magicians, the applicants gathered like a moth to flames. He gathered 700 disciples in a short time.
A famous sculptor name Depth/Depp who has Intermediate Sculpting was also there helping Weed.
Stones were dug from nearby quarry and marbles were bought from another village in the north so it consumed Arpen Kingdom's budget. The funds investment were enough for 3 Grand Buildings.

The first statue, Goddess Hestia was made from marbles.
As soon as the first statue was finished, the number of users participated increased drastically, it was reaching 300,000 after one day. The people who participated in the making of Goddess Hestia received more specific blessings; they gained slightly more Faith, Strength, and Perseverance, including the contribution to Arpen Kingdom.

Aside from sculptures, a temple was built with flowers and trees being planted. In order for them to grow in a barren wasteland,a water channel was connected to a nearby river.[2] The place was already an important place for priests and paladins. Priests from center, eastern, western, and southern part of the continent formed expeditions and pilgrimages  to Morata.

Weed was making the sculptures of the gods based on what he saw in Ratzeburg. In the case of forgotten gods, a new religion would be born when the statue was completed.
When the fourth sculptures completed, hundred of thousands of users were helping every day. By the time 6 sculptures were completed, all materials have been gathered on the site.
When Weed finished 10 sculptures, the roads leading to Morata were opened.
Everytime Weed completed a sculpture, a quest regarding that god would be given. He spent 3 months on the Versailles Continent making the sculptures.

When considering the religious and historical value, right now was the best time to make the Garden of the Gods. Ratzerburg was an important place where the gods first entered the world. He wanted to complete this architecture before other sculptors or artists found Ratzeburg and informed the world about that historical place.

After finishing his 19th sculpture, he finally gained Advance Level 9 in Sculpting.[3] He worked together with Herman on a statue of God Batalli and managed to make a Magnum Opus.[4] The Magnum Opus sculpture increased his contribution to each religious order and gave blessings to soldiers fighting against monsters in the region. By the time Weed was carving the last statue, the road was full of exhausted users; they carried stones and dirt, made water channel, laid down roads, and planted trees in the garden.

Morata was overflowing with tourists coming to see the garden. Users timed their hunting time so that they could return to watch the completion of the garden. Wild flowers and seeds obtained from Prina were planted by Weed. He delayed the completion of the last sculpture for the next day and it gave the users enough time to prepare. He left the Statue of Freya for last[5].

Stats Edit

The Garden of the Gods has been born on the Versailles Continent!

The place containing the god sculptures has a dignified appearance. Every race that comes to this place will be able to feel  reverence and piety.
The sculptor Weed, King of the Arpen Kingdom has completed a massive construction with his residents.
The original forms of the oldest gods have been recovered.

This is a place of religious importance so large trees and flowers will bloom while spirits will enjoy it.

Each religious order on the Versailles Continent will register it as a sacred place. Pilgrims will come to visit the Garden of the Gods.

The fame of the Arpen Kingdom is very high.

Those who believe in the gods will receive blessings.
The expansion of the country with a high culture has reached its maximum.
The residents’ loyalty has changed to respect to the monarchy itself.

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