Grass Porridge Cult

Grass Porridge Cult


This informal user organization from the North call themselves "Grass Porridge Cult" [1] (GPC). It is a half serious, half joke name. It lived in a discrete if not secret way in the beginning [2] and it is rumored to be sponsored by Weed himself [3].

North user's organizationEdit

This player organization has a tremendous growth rate:

  • It was first founded as a militia to help to defend the City of Morata against the Guilds of the Central Continent. At that time, it boasted 312 thousand members and over 8000 medium and high level users [4].
  • When Weed was hunting Bar Khan , there were around 800 thousand gamers [5].
  • When the Arpen Kingdom was officially founded, they had already raised over 3 millions followers [6].
  • When the second war between Haven and Arpen started, more than 70% of the beginners were starting in the north. So, for example, just outside Morata, there were roughly 10 million beginners [7].

At this point, for various reasons, the North attracted most of the new players, and many mid and high level players [8].

A solid collective foundationEdit

The founding members all experienced the first collective quest that Weed started in Rosenheim [9]. This collective experience was renewed in Morata with the construction of major building [10] and the defense of Morata. Also, they are strongly inspired by Weed spirit and adventures [11].

A strong membership policyEdit

They have an interesting alternative membership policy [12], compared to other guild. Becoming a member offers multiple advantage for users and almost no inconvenience. This is especially true for beginners: low taxes, important bonus, large support, cheap food and lodging, strong and positive spirit. This is even more important for advanced level users: various quest and dungeons, opportunities to raise skill and fame, no scam from guilds, etc. Therefore, almost every user in the Arpen Kingdom can and will be part of it. [13]

From the beginning, this policy was actively promoted [14]. But still, we don't know how much Weed is actively involved in this.

Description of the benefitsEdit

  • Cheap and good Food [15]
  • Cheap Lodging [16]
  • Large Hunting grounds and various dungeons [17]
  • Strong and free spirit [18]
  • Low taxes [19]

A smart and responsive organizationEdit

They are organized into smaller troop units. It was difficult to measure the scale of the northern units but it was common to see hundreds of thousands in a unit [20]. Be it on land or sea, if someone loses his unit or wanted to change, he could also easily integrate with another unit. At the beginning, their main fighting tactic is swarming the enemy like ants, utilizing their sheer number advantage. But after the first large defeat against Haven's Empire armies [21], they started to evolve and develop new and more efficient tactics [22] to turn the odds against the strongest and largest army of the Central Continent.

The Porridge Combat UnitEdit

Classic combat unitsEdit

Land UnitEdit

All those various units (and many more) showed up during the first Hermes war on Arpen borders[23]

  1. Acorn Porridge unit
  2. Bamboo Porridge unit, contributed to the defense of the Earth Palace [24]
  3. Bamboo Leaf Porridge unit
  4. Bamboo Shoots Porridge unit (their level are low, but they have a special influence, especially those with non-combat professions like miners and traders [25]). Actively contributed to the construction of the new Royal Palace [26] being capable to dig and clean in straight line over 3 km in less than 2 hours.
  5. Barley Porridge unit
  6. Bean Porridge unit (through luck, successfully recruited Seoyoon during Hermes second invasion [27]), contributed to the defense of the Earth Palace [28]
  7. Beef Porridge unit
  8. Black Sesame Porridge unit [29] was almost wiped out during the freezing nature disaster in front of the Earth palace but sacrified their lives to save Arpen kingdom, contributed to the defense of the Earth Palace [30]
  9. Bossam Porridge unit [31]
  10. Carrot Porridge unit [32] was wipped out during the freezing nature disaster in front of the Earth palace but sacrified their lives to save Arpen kingdom
  11. Chestnut Porridge unit
  12. Chicken Porridge unit [33]
  13. Chinese Quince Porridge unit (Magicians)
  14. Cold Porridge unit
  15. Cool Porridge unit
  16. Cow Milk Porridge unit
  17. Egg Porridge unit
  18. Garlic Porridge unit
  19. Fire Chicken Porridge unit, fan of Phoenix, one of Weed strongest living sculpture [34]
  20. Foxtail Millet Porridge unit
  21. Ginseng Porridge magic unit
  22. Glutinous Porridge unit
  23. Gourd Porridge unit
  24. Green Tea Porridge unit
  25. Ham hock Porridge unit [35]
  26. Hazelnut Porridge unit
  27. Herb Porridge unit, contributed to the defense of the Earth Palace [36]
  28. Jelly Porridge unit
  29. Jujube Porridge unit([37])
  30. Leek Porridge unit, contributed to the defense of the Earth Palace [38]
  31. Loach Porridge unit [39] was wiped out during the freezing nature disaster in front of the Earth palace but sacrificed their lives to save Arpen kingdom
  32. Lotus Seed Porridge unit (Magicians)
  33. Midnight Snack Porridge unit [40]
  34. Milk Porridge Unit [41] was wipped out during the freezing nature disaster in front of the Earth palace but sacrified their lives to save Arpen kingdom
  35. Mugwort Porridge Unit, contributed to the defense of the Earth Palace [42]
  36. Mung Bean Porridge unit (Elves)
  37. Octopus Porridge unit (trained into guerrilla tactic during Hermes second invasion [43])
  38. Onion Porridge unit, contributed to the battle of the Earth Palace [44]
  39. Oyster Porridge unit
  40. Perilla Porridge unit (Orcs), contributed to the defense of the Earth Palace [45]
  41. Pine Nut Porridge unit
  42. Plum Porridge unit
  43. Potato Porridge unit
  44. Pumpkin Porridge unit
  45. Sesame Porridge unit, [46] was wipped out during the freezing nature disaster in front of the Earth palace but sacrified their lives to save Arpen kingdom
  46. Sprout Porridge unit
  47. Sweet Potato Porridge unit
  48. Sweet Red Bean Porridge unit
  49. Red Bean Porridge unit
  50. Rice Porridge unit (Magicians)
  51. Rice and Bean Porridge unit
  52. Toadstool Porridge unit (a fearful and sacrificial vanguard unit of more than 100.000 users, which was the first to be utterly destroyed during Hermes second war against the North [47]. But they keep on harassing the ennemies and at the Peshil river battle, they killed over 2,000 users over level 350 [48])
  53. Walnut Porridge unit (Dwarves)
  54. Wheat Porridge unit [49]
  55. White Radish Porridge, was involved in the defense of the Earth Palace [50]
  56. White Rice Porridge unit
  57. Yam Porridge unit (Magicians)
  58. Yellow Corvina Porridge unit

Marine UnitEdit

All those marine units (and many more) showed up during the first Hermes war on Arpen borders [51]

  • Baked Cutlassfish unit
  • Cave Fish Porridge unit
  • Cutlassfish Porridge unit
  • Crab Porridge unit [52] was wiped out during the freezing nature disaster in front of the Earth palace but sacrificed their lives to save Arpen kingdom
  • Crucian Carp Porridge unit
  • Mackerel Porridge unit
  • Rockfish Porridge unit 
  • Shark Porridge unit
  • Turtle Porridge unit
  • Whale Porridge unit

Some of the marine units also went on land during the first war to fight against Hermes armies.

NEW UnitsEdit

NEW Geomchi UnitEdit

After the start of the second Hermes war on the North, a new Unit appeared [53]. This new unit is organized by Geomchi himself.

  • Kill Without Asking Porridge Unit

Geomchi and Geomchi-2 each led troops comprised of 150 students. Geomchi-3, Geomchi-4 and Geomchi-5 led the remaining 200 students. 

Those 3 corps are made out of Geomchi's disciples and they are to fight in the northern areas occupied by the Haven Empire [54] who expelled the northern users and conquered the villages.

This unit is dedicated to hunt down and destroy the occupying force in the North.

NEW sky porridge unitEdit

In the Arpen kingdom, avians created a special "Sky porridge Unit" [55] to help the kingdom against the Haven Empire. it is a unit "armed with bravery".  Those units were made possible, after the migration from the avian clans from Rosenheim to the Arpen kingdom. They first public appearance was during the first defensive war against the Haven Kingdom [56]. They had a strong impact on the impact during the battle at Earth palace [57].

NEW Saber-toothed tiger corpsEdit

New unit which could arise in Arpen kingdom[58], after the Arnim where recovered by Weed[59].

NEW Griffin knight corpsEdit

New unit which could arise in Arpen kingdom[60], after the Arnim where recovered by Weed [61].

GPC policy and course of actionEdit

Outside of defending the North, GPC is investing into developing the North

This includes various activities, like for example,  

  • Acquiring New villages for the kingdom [62]
  • Construction new Grand building [63]

Like building the Earth Palace, the new Arpen King palace [64]

  • Entertainment for the users

For example y cooking events (Grass Porridge) [65]

  • Monsters cleaning actions [66]

It also provide various ressources for users. Like for example

  • Uniforms [67]. The job is done by Drago who always has hundreds in stock. Drago is the first tailor to attempt the master quest [68]and therefore, wearing the GPC uniforms gives strong bonus and benefits for users[69], especially for beginners.

An alternative and creative guild projectEdit

This player organization is NOT registered as a guild.

It mysteriously works in a self-organized fashion [70]

It can also be considered as some sort of Weed's fan club[71].

It actively promotes a collective win-win [72].

It can also be considered as an alternative and efficient approach to the Guild system [73].

As the second Haven war revealed it, it possesses a large and unique variety of special talents [74].

Over the time, it even developed a large Central Continent branch with less beginners but a significant number of level 300 and 400 people [75]

With so many strong assets, and such a fierce collective motivation[76] to defend their country, their home town and their gaming culture, the Grass Porridge Guild is one of the top guilds in Royal Road, especially after the fall of the large guild of the Central Continent [77].

References Edit

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